Capricorn 10° (December 31)

I will nibble on a feta, cucumber, tomato and herbs salad, but by the time evening rolls around I’m itchy to get out. I had kipped into town to get a few things from the shops, including some pricey good’s and fish from Mac’s. The fireworks have been moved to tonight (from tomorrow) and David and I will plan to see them, figuring they will start around eight; but that is not how it goes. They start to go off around five thirty. David doesn’t want to go out after all that. Come late dinner time, I head out to the Pig where I will get another bunch of oysters and a very cozy beef stew. I drink very little. I don’t want to be alone so I head to the Harbor Lounge where the boys are dressed in for the holiday. They are so funny, and everyone is chatting and communing in a wonderful way. I had a negroni and got a smack on the lips at midnight, which was probably not a good idea in this current Covid climate. It is now a year later: I do not remember who I actually kissed. It doesn’t matter. It was a boy I know that much and he was way younger than me. I would do that again next year which is from whence I’m writing you. It’s actually boxing day 2022 and I’m fleshing out these Blagues because I think they a) need to be meatier; b) deserve some perspective of hindsight, as I was still in relative shock last year and; c) I’m finding it fun to make these ensuing years a collage: so many Blagues these last several years were written at the time, a few sentences only, and also contains revisitive material. Not that I rewrote, not at all. I simply added stuff like this. I know that I am a special person and a bit Sheldon like (read more material from this time next year). So maybe there will be a show that recounts the arrival, after a year of preparation, of the W moving to L where she’s been and (both aware it is the best place on Earth, a city she hated and one he loved, with her now living there, he decides to take up residency also at a time where he is on a new ascendant). The flashbacks include stories from their early life together; then stories of their middle age together, mainnly that. Then the present with elegant actors like Jean Smart and Tom Hollander. Anyway it isn’t of much concern one way or the other. I wonder if I have 365 days of stories. I just want to get ahead of all this. I will do all my shopping at Map. I am basically just allowing my mind to download here without any kind of agenda of any kind. I really am getting down to the nitty gritty on any number of levels. This is where I digest all the journals. This is where I go through every paper. No! Apparently that is wrong. What really needs doing is have this space be where all the draft material goes. Instead! It is the new stuff that will process the old stuff as the threads need to be pulled through from the newest place in this experience. It’s a lot I know. I have so much to give and I will be using the canvas of 2022, the Blagues of which are all represented by a date and, in most cases, a sentence or two. The thing is that there was no news and no change in my perspective (perceivable anyway) during that year. So why not use it to hide all my creative work. To be discovered, uncovered, unearthed one day.

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