Capricorn 9° (December 30)

Celery Soup for lunch and Octopus at Strangers for dinner. I will sit with Steven, or rather, he with me; and he will serve me a $75 cognac for dessert, which was a very lovely thing to do. They like most places are about to close for quite awhile. I will soon begin to figure out how to make cash in hand to refill the coffers. Showing my vaccination card for the first time to enter a public place. That’s all I wrote. It is now a year later: And you won’t have found a way to refill the coffers. It’s still high up on the agenda, although there are more prospects in the offing which is a very good thing. You will have a new book agent and the TV project will look rosy and despite the fact you will never see a certain business partner again there is some possibility of things monetizing in the product realm. I am keeping this list somewhere of profile ideas about the many, many famous people I have met. I don’t know why I meet famous people but I do. Or at least I used to. Well, if I look back I was the one magnetizing this energy. I remember when X and I auditioned for Circle Rep, where Marshall Mason was on the board or whatever; we were both out of our depth, floundering; but it was always my goal to bring my talented partner with me, to create a path for her in the theater world where I know she knew she truly belonged. We both did. But it almost killed me in the end. Writing all those shows when all the while orbiting wider and wider. The truth of the matter might not be able to be correctly expressed except as in the form of a poem, whatever variety it might take. I know Paris better than any city and all I need is a studio or tiny one-bedroom. I think I need to let people know that there are possibilities. I can absolutely fit everything I have into storage with some organizing and I can just fly away and live better, well, in a place that I know but can still endlessly explore; and to position myself as Parisian entity. It’s what I want, I think. And I can parlay. But also just to get my life down into suitcases, instead of trying to buy something, could be the right way to go. Well I can certainly write little stories once I get past this block. And this block includes finishing this Blague and the next one and the last several of the year 2022, as well. I know that this Blague has been twisty turny. And I would love to share my story with everyone. My story is pretty freaking huge. It’s just a matter of making the big switch from this person to that which doesn’t happen easily. Sex is a big driver and it requires a certain state of mind. I have never been completely alone in the world. And now that is what the universe has determined for me. I want to get back in touch with my psychic self and my inner witch. Ethan. I remembered the name of the guy who worked with us at the Harvest the year I lived on Rena Street, where the most remarkable thing every happened. I should do my own podcast. My own youtube channel. But I need someone to make me their everything. 

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