Capricorn 8° (December 29)

Oysters and Fish n’ Chips. I couldn’t tell you a thing about what happened here. I do know that we are gearing up and working on stuff, but I couldn’t get more specific than that. There is much to do on the pre-trial which we don’t seem to be able to avoid. I will hit the Harbor where the boys are dressed in apres ski wear. I saw Cass an I was chatting to this nice person who might have been someone to trade cards with but I didn’t get there. Instead I made friends with the boys’ friend Jason and we had some gummies and read tarot cards which was super fun. He was off on a trip somewhere, going with the flow, and I inherited his prism cards. He will still be in my phone a year from now and I will wish him a happy holiday. He and I just hung out to be clear. We just sort of got very high on gummies and connected on ideas and it was probably the first fun I had had in, well, since I can’t remember. There was a purely friend connection and it felt quite good. As I say we remain friends to this day really. The nutcracker makes me very sad indeed. Can I just say that. I’m listening to it now (as it is Christmas Eve 2022) and whatever the myriad, compounded impressions or associations I have with certain elements of the piece, just make me feel awful. Even though Christmas was happier as a child it certainly had a sadness, especially in the early years when we live in an apartment; but also living in a so-called fancy suburb also felt weird and empty. And everyone just sitting around in their pajamas all day if we didn’t have plans to see people, which was sometimes the case. I don’t know. Everyone is dead now and I sit here all alone on Christmas Eve and tomorrow too on Christmas day for the second time now, well, I can tell you there is really nothing sadder I can imagine. Well, being alone is what the rest of my life will be all about, so I best get used to it as soon and as best as I can. There is really nothing that can be done about it. You will not believe what you will end up doing this year just to survive. It’s pretty insane. Also with the nutcracker, my mother liked to see it when she could in the City. And then seeing X’s niece dance and taking her to see various productions. It reminds me of how I had to attend certain things, and not always willingly, making and effort which now feels completely for naught, all of it. Decades of my life cooking and hosting holiday dinners for that family who were so hard on me always. I don’t know why I put up with it actually. Nobody ever stood up for me but that’s just the way it goes. These Blagues, also, I should add will become archived, now so far in the past. And I will travel so quickly through time, focusing mainly on the astrological work at hand that these couple of years of entries will all be lost in the annals of time, which is exactly where they belong. Listening to France Musique play Christmas music. It is absolute torture. Not that any of it matters anymore. You won’t believe the continued loss of people that will continue to rack up—people you’d never think would abandon you will do so. But by then it’s almost laughable after the year you’re going to have. You thought the last six months were bad? Oh grrr just wait. But you will do it and not with help from family or billionaire transphobes. But with a little help from your friends for sure. And you need to start counting them like blessings.

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