Leo 3° (July 25)


We awake yesterday and headed down for coffee just as we arrived at Monenvasia, the old part of town being a Byzantine era fortress that was built into what basically looks like a giant rock jutting out of the sea. It was truly beautiful. We strolled the streets and took pictures. The kids stayed ont he boat. We then had Greek coffee and water in this really delicious smelling restaurant with very clean loos. We then did a little shopping, mainly, in a shop that sold local wines and beauty products. I don’t remember the name of the woman who ran it but we have her card and will defintely Instagram at some point. My word program seems to be running a little slow as I write this. We bought three bottles of wine for the lunch table and a couple of these vin-santo, pinot-de-charente after dinner tasting sweet wines. S. posted on Insta and moments later our friend Pete beam in to say that this is where is family is from. So he’ll be getting one of those bottles as a gift for sure. We came back on the boat and I did a little bit of work on the proposal notes and before we knew it it was time for lunch which was great and probably my favorite meal so far, as it was simple and Mediterranean as is fitting: Sea bream, simple, ungarnished, though there was tsiziki with it to enhance; then there was chicken in a kind of tomato sauce and a salad of tomato and olive; and grilled feta and probably something else I can’t remember and then strawberry sorbet for dessert. Plus coffee. We played a bit of Mario Cart after D. and I tried our new ear popping devices. A. showed us a slide show of all the amazing photos he’s taken. I really look heavy in the pictures I must say but it’s not about me and my vanity is it? Or is it.

Al brought the boat then near the island of Elafonissi where there was a sandy beach, which was something we were all longing to go to. We pulled up to this gray pontoon thing that had a ladder nearby which two women, mother and daughter I think, were swimming. As we arrived the younger woman swam back to the pontoon. I half thought she was going to stop us, but she was mainly concerned with her items of clothing and bag and glasses she left on the gray pontoon thingy. I asked if this was theirs (eaning the beach and the pontoon and the whole area, really) and she was clear that they had just put the pontoon into the water recently but it was okay for us to go ashore onto it; she went on to explain that they were in a family house which was set just up from the beach but that the beach itself wasn’t private and to havve at it. There were umbrellas wedged into the sand all along and intervals of a few hundred yards—the beach was long and the other end of the strand was heavily peopled but not where we were. We swam for a good long time and L. and others snorkled, L. for the first time and she was pretty well hooked. I put some goggles on and saw a reef and some small fish, but mainly I was there for the exercise. It was very hot outside the water and we returned before too long to tea which was yesterday’s raspberry squares (we didn’t eat to the boozy, champagne engagement lunch). I excused myself to write the following:


Dear Advisory Board and Alumni of the Afterglow Festival

Hello! We are so excited that in under seven weeks, the Ninth Annual Afterglow Festival will take stage at the Art House in Provincetown. We will be bringing six new artists to festival and four returning artists, two of whom have only performed with us once before.

So many artists who are now household names in Provincetown (and everywhere) first appeared in Provincetown under our auspice. Most of the talent we shall present this year, some veteran performers, some emerging, all respected artists from New York and other cities, still fly under the radar with Provincetown and New England audiences. Chances are you have seen some of these artists perform and are already champions of their work!

Our hope is that this year’s artists will ultimately achieve the kind of ubiquitious recognition that their predecessors now enjoy. But there is a learning curve for audiences who must put their trust Afterglow’s curation. That said, we don’t expect huge ticket sales this year and must rely all the more on our supporters at various levels not only to donate to the non-profit, but in doing so, to make up a good chunk of our invited audience.

What we are asking, if you are so inclined, is to spread the word via your various powerful social media presences and to help us to continue Afterglow’s multi-pronged mission that includes preserving Provincetown’s progressive heritage as an incubator for new, experimenting and emerging talent; and for helping artists reach ever-widening audiences and to develop their works at other festivals and venues. (Many artists will perform in our Afterglow-at Oberon series at the American Repertory Theater, which fosters a broader New England audiences, allowing for wider reach and media coverage).

So above is our logo, below is our 2019 Poster and some quotes that some of you have written for us over the years. (Maybe you’d like to contribute a quote of your own as an additional vote of confidence.) Please mention us if, when, and as often as you can in these coming weeks. Along with awareness of the Afterglow Festival and its works, we still have a good deal of funds to raise. The links for Sponsors and Sparklers are also below. (Sparklers donate $100 and get pairs of half-price tickets to any and all shows.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued generosity of spirit!

Tickets are now on sale from the Art House online: www.provincetownarthouse.com




To Sponsor: www.afterglowfestival.org/sponsorships

To Sparkler: www.afterglowfestival.org/donations

“Afterglow is like a performance subway bringing the best and most original of NYC downtown cabaret, comedy and music to Ptown. It’s a class act!”—John Cameron Mitchell

“In this trickle-up culture, the Afterglow Festival is helping Provincetown reestablish itself as a community seadbed for artistic revolution.”—Taylor Mac

“The Afterglow Festival presents NYC’s most beloved and innovative downtown performersr at a magical time of year in P-Town. These emerging and upcoming artists are gathered in one place, at one time, for an embarrassment of riches you won’t want to miss.”—Bridget Everett

“It’s a very rare thing for a group of artists to be able to come together, share their work and ideas. But for that to happen in Provincetown, with its rich creative history, natural beauty and diverse artistic heritage, is truly a gift both for artsts and audiences alike.”—Justin Vivian Bond

“The Afterglow Festival does more than just present a tribe of the most innovative artists to hit Provincetown once a year. It re-establishes the town as the epicenter of the cutting edge in the Arts and introduces us all to what the 21st century can be”—James Lecesne

Canapés were these vegetable squares, heavy on the potato and some kind of bourbon drink called a dark twist which nobody had. I had a few negronis and then we had a lamb curry with palak paneer and basmati rice paired with an Artemis cabarent from Napa. I drank red wine all night long while others stopped, having no shut off valve as of late, and we finally had our sing-a-long which was quite good in the end because we just stopped being fussy about it. We may very well have another one next week I suspect. I think the best part was that both kids sang. D. is a crooner and did My Way and That’s Life. And K.J. sang rather birdlike while accompanying herself on the piano. She just might have a singing voice for real. Both children should give themselves some fostering on this front. People had five or six cocktails. I just continued with the red(s). Then We played cards against humanity and I might have lost the plot just a little before going to bed well after 2AM. I was snorking quite a bit so I moved out to the salon to sleep for awhile. We had to get up quite early to go over to Ithaca where we have arrived, so I had some turkey bacon on buttered bread and we went into town where we strolled a bit—it was almost too hot–the town looked more like Italy to my eye than Greece. There was a statue of Odysseus of course. We sat down and I had a honey-ginger-lemon drink that was super acidic, and a Greek coffee because I seem to want to tempt indigestion. So far so good. We are back ont he boat. The plan is for we three couples to take the M’s out for dindin tonight. My idea. I will make sure the maitre d’ brings me the check and will collect the others’ credit cards. The town felt a little hostile to be honest but maybe it will be better later when its not completely roasting. We are now back on the boat and traveling to find another sandy beach or just a place to swim. It’s about an hour to lunch so I don’t know if that will happen before or after but I have lots of work to do so it’s all the same to me.

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