A Widow’s Past Brought To Light at Sagittarius 13°, ruled by the sign of Aries in a twelve-fold sequence, is about “the karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.” So right there we are on the money with the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, begininng a new cycle. We are all widows, metaphorically speaking. We have all been passed out of the past, our former relationship with the world (and many its inhabitants) dead to us. I think on this theme often because I have not always been this perfect being I am now (ahem) hard to believe I know. We all have burned bridges and I find that most of mine were bridges I should never have built in the first place. But I am aware of how karma (which is always about relationships by the way) of the past can impact present opportunities and yet I find it narrows down the field of those who would celebrate as opposed to tolerate you. We have a friend who puts it in these terms: that people are either drains or they’re radiators. I can safely say that 99 and 44/100th % of my karmic impasses of the past were with drains not radiators. Like I often say, if you’re going to have enemies (and you shouldn’t) at least make sure that they’re really bad people. There are many adages that fit here: To be great is to be misunderstood. What other people think about you is none of your business. All under the heading: Nothing is personal. So yes maybe past karma had impacted present opportunities, but let us cast this in a positive light and say: Always in a positive fashion, helping to narrow your vision and make your targets ever more specific so you can hit those marks.


We don’t know what the widow did or didn’t do. All we know that when the “married” phase of her life ended, the ramifications of that life didn’t end there but followed her into a new cycle. Sound familiar. We tend to repeat our patterns because they are our patterns. But we can be conscious of making changes in new phases. That’s what’s key here to me. For it often takes the conclusion of a cycle to really realize what it was all about—hindsight being 20/20 and so forth—I ‘m just filled with aphorisms today. But really, our consciousness can see and absorb and process experience much more clearly in retrospect. While it’s happening it’s often not so easy, because the information that comes in is often mixed. (Information is the provenance of Gemini’s buzzy “mutable air” and, by nature dual.) Yesterday, in the image ruled by Pisces (remember before the discovery of Neptune the sign was ruled by Jupiter) we saw Zeus/Jupiter’s totem eagle soaring to such heights that it could be the first to witness a new dawn and joyously herald it from high above the stresses of life, but the new day (new cycle) mightn’t be as fresh as all that but loaded and weighted and shadowed by unfinished business of the previous day (read: cycle). Dane Rudhyar takes this a step further to extend the metaphor of the day to read not just as a new cycle in an individual life but the new cycle in terms of the ages: “Mankind is ‘the widow,'” he says, “because our soon-to-be-concluded Piscean Age has buried most of the ideals it once revered and proclaimed; yet the New Age will have to deal with many oppressive ghosts.” I think we’re feeling that just about now, humanity, what do you say? Retribution, the marker of this oracle, seems to be at hand. And there are many bad widows out there who are so damned dangerous because, my friends, they’ve got nothing to lose.


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