Leo 22 (August 14)


Last evening we had vegetable platters and rice and G. made her banana dessert. We talked about the company and investment and N. and B. allowed for some healthy insights. Of course we are doing this. And if it doesn’t happen this time it will be some kind of sickness or something. Also when it comes to books we need to know what Harper meant about competition in the market. We will have to have that talk. I am strangely weirded out that there is still something of a copyright issue, but, again, it’s just a kink to work out. Merging manufacture with appearances.

This truly is what I’m living for. And even this Blague has to be in service to a carefully crafted four-cornered machinery. I am looking very much forward to the business of being in it. I cannot rush the works. What I can do thoguh is cool my jets and sit back and relax a bit more even. I despise the sound of sirens and will soon be along the highway. We will stop, first, in Orleans and grab a bit at Sunbird. I need to figure out when I’m going to peddle our wares other places. I have to come up with a very stiff schtick in promoting all around.

Some notes for an upcoming event I’m doing: Our press release will announce this showcase but pack a bigger wallop to hopefully get more than a listing and some kind of featureto that end we will position the showcase as the first ever nefa-powered foray by Afterglow team (of Ptown and ART) into touring under the new GLOW “a moveable festival” aegis

I’m hoping this will seem very newsworthy and also contextualize Brian & GF as the type of superior artist (New England based) we seek to champion

This will marry to Endicott wanting to position Manninen Arts Center et al (and you can give me a sentence on that)

our release might also hopefully inspire interest for Brian from venues (and press) throughout New England (we should say we are inviting other venue directors to this)

and overall support in what we are aiming to do: 1) create a tour for Brian and other N.E. based artists through these NEFA grants; and 2) create this “moveable festival”

We like to think of Endicott as our premier venue in all of this and of course showcase (pun intended) the Glow’s gratitude to Manninen Center etc. and what we hope to be a happy partnership…..foremost bringing our brand of artistry to the North Shore which is quite aHtsy and sophisticated, leaning into Salem and environs for community support (as that city has increasingly attracted young artists and entrepreneurs which might specifically intrigue that demographic, while appealing widely to more affluent residents akin to the subscribers we reach in Cambridge at ART etc.

We want to appeal as classy, smart, accessible avant-gard, funny, thoughtful, musical, sociological, artistic/activist

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