Leo 21° (August 13)


Everyone returns today. I will do some cooking and clean up a bit and move some laundry through. Father-in-law came in shouting my name and wanted to know if I wanted pizza; meanwhile everybody else had just written to say that they had had lunch and I was to, yes, forge on making dinner. They took a number of cars. I’m so grateful I didn’t go, on a number of levels. It was sort of fun and weird to stay here by myself.

This Blague of late, since I started document the trip to Alask and British Columbia, might be considered mundane in that I’m just recounting what is happening, whether in reality or in snippets of dream, on any given day. But that’s okay. There is still the odd synchronicity and I hope I have a naturally humorous view toward life. I might have mentioned that someone I know well made some derogatory comment about those who write daily blogs talking about their lives and I thought but (you know?) I do that. Oh well, I don’t really care. The purpose, as if there need be one, of this Blague changes from year to year and month to month and day to day. Sometimes it just feels good to write sentences spontaneously without thinking about constructing them. Like a flushing out of the system. A sort of literaray lymphatic release procedure. Not a metaphor I use everyday. Anyway, I don’t care. Or rather I do care too much. And sometimes this can just be therapeutic, putting down into type what is currently going through my brain without much regard for the result. It’s freeing. So there.

Nigh on three weeks until festival with a thousand other wheels spinning now must be a process of letting things fall into place without forcing any one thing. I also have to allow for socializing. What I can weed out I will weed out. Otherwise, I will put extra schnoz to the grindstone and make sure to get as much accomplished as I can. I probably won’t get anything major done on the festival until the three-week-out point. That’s okay. I have enough in the bank to really build on that; I will go after missionaries and sponsors. All will be done. The books as well. If only I relax.

I have come up with the mantra of Stop, Finish and Don’t Worry. And I’m very much myself not adding anything new. I will go to Maine for my birthday if the fates allow. But I’m just as happy going to Boston. Mine is a three prong business of consulatancy, books—at least I thought it was three pronged—ah, yes performance. How could that slip my mind—a bit scary. When I say performance I mainly mean storytelling. This is an area where I can really make some inroads, especially staging at hotels here and there. Storyteller and Playwright and Performer. 2019 may be the final year and feature everyone from the past in some way or other. Things must evolve, it is the only way.

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