Leo 20° (August 12)

In the next day I will be finished with booking all the artists’ travel; I believe I will find that once I’ve done that, and written a press release and gotten it out, that all I need do then is focus on ticket sales and fundraising and doing the odd interview. I will have time to start getting press together, here and there, mainly on “Scope” days when I’m working. I really need to watch J.’s Strike series and see what all the hubbub might be about. I have only read into the first book. I am a bad friend-reader. I really am. I wish people would stop sending me their books. It puts me in an awful bind. Bind. Book. Bind, Get It?

I’ll jump out to the store again and make sure I have some red wine for tomorrow when everyone returns. Things are chugging along, at a pace, as best they might. At this point I’m optimistic about having negotiated a great deal for Lady Rizo (which will go to shit once her venal manager steps in and not only annoys everyone but cuts me completely out of the deal with gaslighting flare). The g-word again. I cannot wait to rid my life of the kind of complications knowing too many people brings.

Drastic times do call for drastic measures; and I believe that I am getting my brain around the reality of taking quite the permanent powder. I have so much to get through between now and next week that I can’t quite fully articulate this all to myself. But I know that I am onto something. And I know change is coming. And rather than let it happen to me I need to take the bull by the horns and make it happen. I know I have some major healing to do in this process and, of course, I am determined to see that through.

Funny I’m not experiencing any sense of rock bottom or anything like that. Typically in the past when I’ve felt a need for extreme change it is because I’ve hit a wall. I don’t feel that I’ve hit a wall necessarily; rather I feel that I’ve been on an island, stuck in the same experience, for too long; and I long for a sense of adventure and renewal and entrepreneurship and, well, any number of new experiences. If Europe becomes the aim this year I very much intend not to get lost in any escapism, but to make it part of the upswing. I must focus my energy on pulling the strings through all my experience and making some major inroads in so doing.

I know friends will be visiting next week and that I’m just coming off a luxury experience otherwise; but I need to tap into my more ascetic Spartan self now for sure. I need the backbone necessary to get a lot of this fundraising done. And, really, it would be grand if I could make a grand a day for the final three weeks of festival. That will be my goal for sure.


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