Sagittarius 7° (November 30)

I’m on two days now of really bad sleeping, waking up almost immediately around midnight and staying up all through it. Again, it’s because of the internal struggle going on with confronting self in light of projects at hand. But I am determined to make it part of the process. I also really haven’t eaten much these last two days which I’m not that worried about to be honest. I think on some level I know I’m in need of a bit of a fast and, without planning it, I just sort of fell into what might constitute that. But it isn’t the healthiest of methods. Honestly, my stomach hasn’t felt the same since England. I always seem to pick up some kind of Dickensian something while there, like a staff infection or the rickets or consumption. This time it felt a bit like typhoid to my over imaginative mind. And yet I have never been in better shape gearing up for what comes, year after year, this season. I am determined to have a whole helluva lot more fun this year than in previous ones.

We’ve had our tree for over a week and still only have white lights on it which is nice. It’s still drinking but it is losing some needles now. We will spend so much time away over the holidays—I must admit I get a secret thrill from that thought because, if you know me you know I could live in hotels for the rest of my life. I know it sounds hyperbolic but it ‘aint. Well I kind of feel like that tree. What do I mean by that? That I peaked too early and now I’m tired and losing needles. It should really all be so much simpler than I make it; at least that’s the prevailing opinion hanging in the air around here. And yet, the amount of creative output I do achieve is pretty legendary I think. I see others struggling with the same old projects and months and months pass; and despite the slog I encounter I do manage to get a great deal done with the least amount of grousing and the least amount of work for anybody else as I can possible affect. In fact I’m kind of a martyr that way I will admit.

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