Aquarius 29° (February 18)


Could not get up and out fast enough. It being President’s Day, were weren’t hitting much traffic. I had replaced the wiper fluid and yet, as we got past Boston, it wasn’t working, and the windshield was turning from streaky to a complete white out. I barely got us off the highway where we regrouped and I opened the hood and it seemed we were already out of fluid which meant there was a leak. We got on highway, cranking the defrost, and doing all we could but we were in a complete white out once again and I couldn’t see where I was driving but for through a tiny unstreaked spot at the top of the window. We pulled off again, some exit in Quincy, and saw a gas station mini mart. I went in to ask for some kind of help and as it turned out the mechanics attached to the building were actually working and just opening and a young middle eastern looking worker said we could pull in after he shoveled. I didn’t mention it had been snowing like made all night and we had left in an accumulation of about four or five inches. I was praying that it was a hose that was broken and not the resevoir itself. It was the hose and it was cut in two places which seems impossible because one would have to remove the entire casing in order to get at it. It might have just frozen then cracked. Either way. We went to pay and they wouldn’t let us pay. I show of human kindness from strangers after days of shade from so-called family. A little cosmic blague from the universe to reaffirm our faith in humanity. We were only going to be home for three nights during which time there would be a number of marks to hit. I for one will get much of my finances in order. And make sure I’m up to speed on that score. It is essential to know my finances before I begin to fundraise and cast the next year’s festivals and series. And I have a show to promote for Thursday sales of which are starting to pick up thankfully. Now I will resume my thoughts and feels on the signs. I’ve taken a long enough break, me thinks, on that score.


TV shows:

Russian Doll

Call My Agent(the french show so good!)

Killing Eve

The Keepers  (about Sister Cathy)

Atypical(Jennifer Jason Leigh mother of high schooler with autism)


Films and Docs from recent years to see:

Ideal Home with Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd

The Trip(The Trip to Italy, The Trip to Spain) the last one has the Mick Jagger bit—hysterical

Rough Nightwith Scarlett Johannson and Kate McKinnon (suprisingly funny and shocking!)

Orson Wellesdocumentary (only cuz Rich Little’s in it and it includes Peter Bogdanovich…drum roll…)

The Day After Yesterday(is the Bogdanovich doc about making the movieThey All Laughedwhich we’ve yet to see as you can only order on DVD which we did but haven’t watched it yet)

She’s Funny That Way(a newish Bogdanovich which is meant to feel like They All Laughed…we saw She’s Funny before any of the other Bogdonovich stuff) with Jennifer Aniston in funny part.

Scotty, about the Hollywood gay scene and his role in it

Wild Wild Countrydoc about cult and guru

Holy Hellanother more recent doc about a guru and cult

Girl’s Trip  with Queen Latifah

Life of the Partywith Melissa McCarthy

The Spy Who Dumped Me with Mina Kunis and Kate McKinnon

Life Without Gorky   doc about the artist

Cutie and the Boxer another doc about an artist couple…loved.

The Miracle of Morgan Creekan old Preston Sturges (and really anything Preston Sturges like Palm Beach Storyor The Lady Eve)

My Favorite Yearwith Peter O’Toole

Roninwith Jean Reno


All Time Faves you’ve probably scene:
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

The Women

Stage Door

Top Hat (with Fred and Ginger and, if you blink you might miss Lucille Ball who is Ginger’s real cousin)

Night Must Fallwith Robert Montgomery and Roslind Russell

The Lion in Winter

Casablanca(duh. I could watch it every day)

Lawrence of Arabia

Manchurian Candidate

Dr. Strangelove

A Streetcar Named Desire

The Philadelphia Story

The Searchers


The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine



China Syndrome

North by Northwest


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