Cancer 12° (July 3)

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is an immoveable figure, born, seemingly, with an intact moral code and and fixed sets opinions from which she’ll hardly ever waver. It’s as if she emerged into this life fully encoded with all she’ll ever need, a readymade work of art, incarnate, the circumstnaces of life having comparatively little effect on her. She embodies the notion of nature-over-nurture. And if life is a mystery Scorpio is no less so. The proverbial Sphynx, she appears to have all the answers, while it will she who’ll be asking all the questions. She is a natural born psychologiest—think of Lucy van Pelt of Peanuts fame—and she can be no less caustic, on the surface which, when properly scratched, would reveal a caring character with a heart of gold. Whereas Scorpio man is endless probing, provocative or just plain nudgy, Scorpio woman draws out others, typically with a series of well appointed queries, resulting in rather stream-of-consciousness confessions from those she keys into. And after listening, signature stony faced, she will offer up her conclusions on exactly what you should do, when, and in what order to fix or refocus whatever might be ailing or irking you.

Ruled by planet Pluto, which portrays the power of elimination and transformation—named for the god of death which, in astrology and other esoteric fields, isn’t an end but a regeneration—Scorpio is all about killing off that which drains ones energy. Think of the sign’s season autumn, when we prune back trees, so to stimulate new growth, helping to concentrate energy at root level, through the hardened winter. This is a metaphor for how the Scorpio woman operates in toto. She will not put herself out on limbs, unnecessarily, rather concentrating on the most essential needs of her own design; and putting as much energy as possible into rooting herself ever deeper into what she considers a desired lifestyle. Her personality might best be described as dug in, and all that goes with it: You typically go to her, not vice versa, whether on a social visit or soliciting her guidance as premier agony aunt. She sets the agenda with family and friends, creating a strong center gravity from whence both directives and support will derive. She can be something of black hole, too, to be honest. That is to say you might, upon entering her world, become easily caught up in whatever swirl of activity she is currently conducting, assigned tasks you might as well perform, as you’re there anyway.

Drawing on the mythological archetype of Pluto’s female counterpart, Persephone, the queen of the underworld, whom all souls must meet upon their demise and who shall decide one’s ultimate fate—the o.g. maker you meet—Scorpio does tend to collect lost souls and finds no irony in telling the exactly what needs doing to find new footing. People are just some of her many projects. Well, for starters, life itself is one, hopefully, long one. Scorpio has a fixed idea from the time she could squawk how it All should roll out. And though she will tolerate slight deviations in her game plan, she is determined to hit all her major marks, whatever they might be. Typically, she is hellbent on a combo-platter of success, security and excitement—what she avoids like the plague are surprises. When it comes to a choice in life partner she pretty much has a composite sketch in mind for eons before the would-be suspect makes a close enough match. She will seek to stimulate the growth of the desired qualities she observes and the rest she’ll try to kill off, if not with direct cease-and-desist orders, then with withering looks.

On some level every Scorpio woman considers herself something of a femme fatale. She has a notoriously high opinion of herself (whether masking insecurity remains to be seen), such that you might hear her utter, without irony, that a partner or lover couldn’t do any better than her. She is an alpha of the first order, but unlike other signs that fall into said category, she is not an aggressor, au contraire: Scorpio does everything by seduction—cue spider in parlor—inviting every boon and opportunity. She will have you do for her, unabashedly asking for favors, connections and entrées; and she couldn’t be more sure that, in granting her request, she’ll provide a feather for your cap. Circling back to Ms. van Pelt, even she was convinced she drove ’em wild; forever unaware of Schroeder pulling faces to the contrary from the piano. The Scorpio paradox in a nutshell: bossy as hell, wearing the trousers; and subtly seductive, with who knows what underneath them. Undeniably, it makes for a potent, if not lethal combination.

Scorpio personifies power, which isn’t lost on her, and she’ll have you know it. She brims with skills and talents and wisdom and wiles. And should they not find proper expression, or be met with deepest appreciation, she will become a cauldron of frustration, despair and fury. She does not take her life lightly, and you shouldn’t either. She is all the mysteries of the ages, smiling wryly, Mona Lisa, forever luring others to, and inspiring longing for, her. In Sextrology we call her The Specimen, and she is the perfect one.


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