Cancer 12° (July 4)

Sagittarius Man


He has the most unbridled energy of anyone in the Zodiac, yet he handles himself as one would a prized thoroughbred, minding, harnassing, his signature fury of fabulous ideas and outsized inspirations, as only he can. His particular paradox lies in being at once totally at ease in his skin and jumping out of it. He is his own whisperer bent on simultaneously taming and tapping into his wildfire spirit. Sagittarius is the sole mutable-fire sign in the Zodiac, which most readily translates to lightening, that proverbial wildfire in the sky; and his sign is ruled by Jupiter, named for the omnipotent chief god, incidentally, of thunder and lightning, so that all fits nicely. Lighting speaks to the most immense natural power there is while also metaphorically pointing to certain genius. Although we’ve heard literal accounts of lightning strikes causing brain damage, or providing some kind of second sight, or both. The sign of Sagittarius, whose motto is I See (also I Understand) is very much hinged on the notion of a third-eye perspective of existence, something the Sagittarius male is most readily designed for. The physical seat of the third eye is the pineal gland, so called because it resembles a pine cone. The wildly ecstatic god Dionysus bore a staff topped with a pine cone. He and his father Jupiter share the masculine estate of this sign as, unlike all his hundreds of other sons, Dionysus is heir apparent, inheritor of his supremacy. The largest planet, Jupiter’s brand of power is expansive—and so is the Sagittarian male’s m.o., for better or for worse.

The male population of the sign is replete with figures who’ve gone to great lengths and/or too far. Sagittarian men are born with an ex prefix, driving them to explore, experiment, express, expose, and yes, expand, and explode up any given given seen; but potentially also to excess, expense, exhaustion and early extinction if he’s not mindful. If he is, he will more readily “master” meditative like practices than most other men. He is typically an extrovert and unapologetic in the extreme; but even a so-called Sagittarian introvert will take up a lot of energetic, if not emotional space. No one can be more silently demanding and yet, another paradox, spiritually libertarian than he. Even though Dionysus is the seamless scion, chip off the old block, he is also a rebel nonconformist who shakes, and perhaps breaks, the traditional order. In Sextrology the Sagittarian male chapter is titled The Maverick because he draws on this archetype of being daddy’s boy, a mini-me of sorts, particularly at ease in the patriarchy regardless of sexual or gender identity, and yet he is bound to shatter the mold of his fathers he once so easily fit. Often Sagittarius works in the same line of biz as his pop, but does him one better there, at the very least, still expanding out from an existing formula.

There are a great many ways Sagittarian man breaks on through to the other side of whatever it is he is setting his mind to. As a list of so many satirists and comedians of the sign would suggest, humor is one of the key ways. The madcap comic genius is an obvious figure in our culture, bringing the funny in more expansive and explosive a way, breaking through taboos, the result being torrents of laughter and thunderous applause as a—wait for it—mindbending new take on reality shockingly takes hold, forever altering mass consciousness. We see this same pattern in any professional or personal walk of life the jovial, jocular Sagittarian treads. He will always bring the funny, point out the absurd, if not rattle nerves and cages, particularly in exposing that which has gone unnoticed or unsaid. The Sagittarian experience is stream-of-consciousness, making links between the conscious and the subconscious (or subversive, suppressed or otherwise unspoken); which, yes, can result in a kind of ecstacy or hilarity, though probably as often in censure, arrest, and other oppressive forms of blow back. But whenever that connection is made, either within our own minds—as is a constant for the Sagittarian man—or culturally, it is like a lightning flash, an exposure, of something that can never then be unseen. Mark Twain (an invented name meaning “the point between”—third eye!), a satirist of the first order, nonetheless exposed a many societal ills and, thus, altered our global perception.

If it feels like Sadge’s personal life is being somewhat ignored here, you should see how he deals with it. He is at once uberdemonstrative and ultra-detached, exhibiting affection in sudden and showy ways, with extravagant gestures, which, one wonders, could be overcompensation for lacking emotion, or inability to tap therein. He can be all over the place inrelationonships, whether due to diverse preferences—he’ll try anything trice—or in sheer quantity of experiences, or both. He’s both-minded about most things. Whereas his opposite sign, Gemini, signals duality, Sagittarius is past it, forever looking at life from both sides. Now, that may seem too vast a vista for most would-be mates, but for someone willing to provide ample free rein, life with freewheeling Sadge will prove be a rodeo of daring thrills, mindboggling skills, satiric philosophy and a broad clowning.

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