Cancer 13° (July 5)

Sagittarius Woman


No shrinking violet, she. Sagittarius woman is an arresting character who runs the gamut from quietly charismatic to blowhorn blatant. She is dazzling, easily lighting up a room. Yet there is always something nervy or skittish about her, a bubbly mixture of natural enthusiasm, excess brain activity, and a penchant for pleasing. She is a flatterer, but a sincere one, tending to key into the best qualities in a person, often missing their worst, at first. Like male Sagittarius, she appears larger than life, her ruling planet Jupiter hinging on largesse, optimism, in every sense of the word. Her default view on life is one of celebration. Expansive she enters, but, you know, the bigger the bubble of optimism, the more likely it is to burst. And so we see glimpse a potentially explosive woman, who is vigilantly negotiate a superspontaeous nature, a wildcard element in her makeup, that sees her swing to extremes, from daring to dread, devotion to disdain, delight to despair.

One such point of negotiation is learning how not to get too far of herself. She is the archeress, after all, with her narrowly expansive eye on the target, prize and future. But sometimes she gets ahead of herself—enter nervy skittishness. It’s not easy for her to live in the now, which is why she makes some version of her doing so a top priority in her life. It’s a happy paradox about the Sadge—she is so painfully aware of her shortcomings, the sting of them so severe to her, that she is most compelled to make positive changes. The sole mutable-fire sign, the assignation translates most readily to lightning, the most potent form of natural energy. So much power but where will it strike next is not predictable. And that’s how Sagittarius feels of the thunderous tempests she feels raging inside her.

Planet Jupiter is named for the chief lightning and thunder god; and whereas Sadge male draws on that archetype, Sadge woman draws on that of his wife and queen, Juno, goddess of power, thus goddess of knowledge, and goddess of women, none of the above being mutual exclusive, au contraire. The thing about Juno, who like Sadge woman, is also prone to jealousy, is that when her envy and rage did flare, they literally did so. Talk about being triggered. Juno would come to full power and emit an energy so radiant that all were burned or blinded. Cue next irony: The sign’s motto is I See (and I Understand). Juno blinded Tieresias for siding with Jupiter against her. She is Lady Godiva (goddess-diva) who put out the famed peeper’s peepers. Sagittarius knows she’s likewise volatile, and that she is capable of great, some resplendent, shows of perrsonal power, but that she can also blow everything up. In cartoon mythology she is the X-Men’s Jane. Juno as the penultimate power in the universe presents some pretty big archetypical shoes to fill. An insightful inference, here, thus, might be: That the most accurate way of describing Sadge’s particular brand of lifelong process (née struggle) is as the persistant growing pains of becoming herself.

And, for this lady diva, what an epic journey it is—part canter in the park, part race against time atop a bucking bronco, through an expansive landscape where lightning strikes and wildfires need putting out. The respective metaphorical meaning being that Sadge often receives bolts from the blue of opportunity and big breaks for which she’ll move on a dime, strenghth to strenghth, amid fiery family relations, friendships, and too-familiar professional bonds. Whoa, nervous Nellie, Sadge woman lives by leaps and bounds, progressively sitting calm and tall in the saddle, as her genius aspirations increasingly meld with her more preternatural urges. That’s the symbolism of the centaur: Finding that connection between our animal self and our higher mind, both of which are more infinitely powerful than we realize—Sadge woman having especial lighting glimpses into the fact. There’s no room for second-guessing, typically, in her experience. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and fortune, and it comes like a thundering freight train and leaves the station just as fast. Risk-taking is de rigeur for this ironically reticent creature. And sometimes it’s a love train.

In love, Sadge isn’t impetuous but she is sweeping. She makes big love-connect, drawn to those who live large and promise an active, engaged and worldly lifestyle. Just as projects an exaggerated vision, she has heightened expectations of what a relationship should deliver, and though loath to admit it, she’s wired to want it all—fun, excitiement, means, an ecstatic meeting of the minds, and the mostest carnal know-how she can bone up on. But for the most easily board Auntie Mame at the bouffet, enough is never enough, not even constant, coordinated travel and redecorating. No, she soon learns that externals don’t cut it in the true-happiness game, that she must shine her light for herself, radiating Juno-like with a such knowledge and power she can impart to others. If planet Juipter is generosity than Sagittarius is a generator in whose strength and power we hope to share.

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