Libra 10° (October 2)


Some thoughts on grants and Gravitational Fool deal I need to articulate.

On first glance that looks like a lot to me considering what I remember the grant comprised; but, again, the first thing we are going to do is tackle the grants topic itself and review NEFA specifically. I remember your doing a great deal of work on it yourself (and me doing clean-up at the end). But whatever the case, as I said a year ago: all should be reimbursed.

 We applied for $10K, $1500 of which would go to the artists. We received total $6K and just $4500 up front. When you consider that Anna made 10% of what we’ve received so far and that the lion’s share of work is still ahead of us, her fee seems like a lot; but let’s get on the same page. The way I see it is that the Endicott payment helped round out the grant to potentially $9K, which made the artists fee of $1500 easily possible so we ticked that box. I was thinking you would disperse that and use the other $1500 to pay yourself back for expenses (like anna, photographer, costume) to date. 

Given the hours  and the task ahead over the next several months the remaining amount will soon be eaten but as  I said I will continue working beyond that because i want to exceed the goal outlined by the grant, to create tour(s) that include multi venues. If I were just some guy cold-calling places to get tour dates I don’t think it would work. The fact that the grant is for a non-profit with some standing, and that Afterglow has 8 years experience in Ptown and 4 years in partnership with Harvard, should allow me to get dialogues and meetings going with venues that are desirable and with budgets to start bringing in cash sooner than later.

So as far as Afterglow goes: It will be giving you $1500 for artists fees and $1500 for expenses to date. If it were me, I would divide $1500 (not $3K) amongst the band and use the other half to pay yourself back and keep the remainder on hand for new expenses coming down the pike. I know you won’t do that and that you’ll divide the $3K amongst the band which means waiting until the next shot of cash for doing the job at hand. So you need to keep a list (as I do) of your expenses including the Anna payment and you may (depending on grant stipulation) need to have an invoice from her. 

In any case the focus should now be on getting that next cash infusion as soon as possible. But we need to know when, according to the grant, that can be. Otherwise it’s just me booking gigs in the meantime. So we just need to be clear about what the grant’s expectations are of us. If we can’t start touring until 2020 then we will be booking GF (or the band for music gigs) NOT under the NEFA auspice to get some dough in pockets.


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