Libra 11° (October 3)


We were so happy to be a part of the Lumos event and to contribute, even, in our small way. We have of course been to a few of these events now, but there was something particularly resonant about the message this time. So kudos on that score because I think Lumos/U.S.’s mission is really sinking in! The HBO documentary will be huge; and the articulation of how sweeping this all is, via G and J and yourself and your colleague was that much more piercing. (You really deserved a major thumbs up!) What struck us, in particular, was the grass roots element that should be part of the Lumos outreach; and we had some very specific ideas about that.

The bigger donors that you reach with your events comprise a world that we ourselves don’t inhabit for the most part. And it occurs to us that the world in which we do live is peopled by those who have either never heard of Lumos or know very little about it. Not to say that our community isn’t populated by many people of means, because it is; but given our New York – Provincetown connection, the folks we rub up against are more bohemian in spirit, surely, and might not be obvious targets for outreach. That said, these same folks, many of whom are very rich and successful, are more personally activist in nature than they are, say, philanthropic.

So I feel there is a demographic that can be reached via the more grass roots means that you prescribe. As an experiment, for instance, I brought up Lumos to MH (married to TK) and he had never heard of it. So even within the theater community where you are making some inroads, there may be a bit of a disconnect that can be bridged. I can’t tell you how many producers and showrunners (from HBO alone) we hang out with in Provincetown, in summer. Given the fact that Lumos is about so much more than orphanages, that it is about human trafficking and addiction and human development and systemic greed, I feel that the organization could find a sponsor-based foothold among this population I speak of, which includes many artists and performers who are grass-roots activists themselves with varying causes—I feel Lumos could easily become one of them. 

So what am I trying to say here—I’m not exactly sure. But, whereas S and I don’t have the means ourselves to make that big a difference to Lumos’ cause, financially; I do feel that we could help in the grass-roots efforts that you described; and that we could specifically infiltrate the hearts and minds of some real influencers as we do tend to know a great many of them. And I’m just wondering if you would welcome this; and what tools we could be provided in so doing. Let’s use Mark and Tony as an example: I said something like Stella and I were in NYC for a Lumos event; you probably know about Lumos…but if you don’t it’s about creating alternatives to the orphanage system which is really rife with corruption and actually does a great deal of harm to children and families and communities and even nations, feeding into human trafficking and addiction… know the message. The reponse was NO! We have no idea with that is. To which I replied, Oh, okay. I’m going to send you some links and information. “Please do!” That type of thing. Just making it personal and getting in there. Of course mentioned Jo and Georgette and how it all happens—that Jo pays for the entire operation so that all donations go directly to the mission—that type of thing.

So I feel if we kind of always planted those seeds with people we know who might then become donors themselves to Lumos, of course; but more than that: Making Lumos a real cause for people who do take up real causes already, and also, dare I say, make the cause something important to be a part of. I can see, even, doing a different brand of event, say, at Joe’s Pub where we perform and other such places around the country which wouldn’t actually cost anything for Lumos, and surely wouldn’t bring in the big dosh that your events already do, but would get the word out to this more bohemian, monied or not, crowd. Is this making any sense? I’ll stop here and see what you have to say before I muse any further! In any case, S and I do want to be of any help we can and I hope we can find a way to be so, increasingly.


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