Libra 12° (October 4)


Last night was something of a shit show. I’d been feeling something brewing for the last several days—both personally and globally, as ever the twain now meet. I want to articulate some thoughts that could translate into a plea to people and corporations vis a vis the tour. I guess that dovetails with the Newsletter idea which I will put out there this week as well. I don’t know if it’s all the traveling but I don’t feel that well or rested—this cold I caught after New York has lingered now for over a week. I need to let it all go (tension) and lean into health now more than ever. Though as it nears 5 PM it’s so hard not to reach for some medium bodied solace. But I am attempting to reel it all in. I need to prepare for my good as they say.

It was a fairly decent day. One client who is very nice and very good always brightens my mood to be honest. We have some very tony characters in our roster and sometimes it does wear on me that the consultancy isn’t really scalable, which is why we are working our way into other means of making do-re-mi. I’m fairly happy getting things underway. I know that I have to work on the show coming up but it is so hard to get motivated when so many tasks and things are constantly hanging in the balance. I know we are working as hard as we can to plow through all the loose ends that are dangling everywhere. And we really do the best we can in the circumstances. I have pretty much everything where I need it to be. I just have to find the motivation to get more accomplished in the days given. Everything takes forever—or at least it feels that way sometimes.

David who moved to D.C. spent some time on the phone sith S about the biz plan which we are waiting on to take root. I’m really hoping for something of a score on this front. When last I stayed at the Eliot in August we were heading to Alaska and I had this joint I hadn’t smoked. So I hid it in my hotel room (we often stay in same room at hotel) and sure enough it was still there when I returned last week. This is something I can’t typically tell anyone, so I thought I’d tell all of you. It feels really hard to be funny right now doesn’t it. I want so much to feel jolly but western civilization is going to shite and this orange douchebag is leading the charge. He was such a joke for decades living in NYC; and now he’s president. And it’s almost been two years of this terrible depression and the GOP using it as a shield to get whatever they need done done. I really hope they all come to a painful end—isn’t that terrible to say. But really I do. Where is Valerie Solanas (is that her name?) when we most need her.

Anyway I decided to just see what kind of stuff and nonsense would come to my brain after a very busy day. I have spent the last few days catching up on all things to do with creating this new tour—now what needs happen, starting on Monday, is to truly start putting my words into place. I have to get all my finances and press clips up to date. I have to go over everything the lawyer sent me. But mainly I have to get right back into this book writing and somehow make it fun. And also dovetail it with work on the show. These are the most important things. We will let the publisher materialize. We will let the agent do likewise. We will let anyone who says they want to fund our business really do it. And I am going to parlay all of my sucesses into a great tour with great artists. And I’m going to get my self into shape and get that Tru show up on running. I also have to get back to the fellows on that Midnight at the Whatever show. To be honest I don’t think it stuck with me.


I’m rather going to focus my attention on Lumos. Which reminds me I do want to be in touch with Georgette.

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