Leo 27° (August 19)


I was also encouraged at the reaction to the GLOW concept by name-escapes-me from NEFA, and we will talk about the tour grant and how it suits our mission in myriad ways 1) to champion New England artists 2) to create this neo-Vaudeville circuit for performers to help them work more regularly and in more places throughout the region 3) connecting audiences to artists who not only evolve the world of performance, in its myriad forms, but social discourse, as well, through textual, musical, or, really, any form of narrative.

We will work off the academic smell of Harvard where you performed this already—cue ivy logo —into the equally academic Endicott which we should sell the hell out off. Here we hit on your North Shore roots so we don’t have to rewrite the press release for the local papers. Off the top of your head what are the main ones? And do you have names and titles and email addresses if so please send them to me. and THEN of course we have to get into the meat of Gravitational Fool and what it’s all about. So, drawing on stuff you’ve written before, give me an edit, a sprucing up, go back into a few of those paragraphs and punch em up as you see fit or not.

We need to be SMART and we need to be super EDGY and we need to be really CLASSY and a little CHEEKY and a lot FUNNY. I mean in terms of the vibe we are putting out there for this because this is the main point about a press release. FUNDRAISING.  I know you know that we are not limited to the NEFA grant for funding this “new tour circuit” that BRIAN KING is trailblazing with us; and in fact, we need to raise X more to help off set the NEFA grant. So please go to bitch betta have my money and click on this; Or send it to Zoom.


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