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Sorry I am giving you the full $3000 from that gig as I’ve said. Consider that, if you will, part grant fee and part gig fee.The aim now is to get at least 3 things booked so that I can get the balance of the grant (and then many more bookings as well). And to get the next grant money in for the actual tour. All the while starting to make (us) money on subsequent gigs.

I know you are well aware, even before starting promoting for this showcase, of the amount of time and energy that has gone into just this one thing alone.

Add in the outreach and back and forth with the other half dozen venues we are trying to intrigue. It does not work to your benefit for me to outline the costs of this in real time….

Because we’d already be at capacity with very little to show for it.

So I intend to keep up this pace and not count hours plus travel plus any of it because there is no way in hell the grant money would ever cover the months of work that will go into all of this.I’d just rather make sure to get the job done and these gigs and tour in works and get everything written and promoted which in the end would be more like a $20K job than a $6K job if we’re honest.

But I have an emotional stake in this more than this grant could ever cover and I’m never going to be like…oh, well, time’s up hour-wise. No. I am in it for the longhaul no matter how many hours or tasks it takes to get WTIIMF and GF on a grand tour.

Which brings us to part of what we have to work out which is that simple agreement between us. I think that if I am making what I make with Oberon (that is 20% of gross for any gig for which I am doing all the press, promotion and marketing et al) so long as the actual tour grant money goes toward the bands travel and lodging which an Oberon typically picks up tab for, then we have a good locomotive going! agree?

The little bits of NEFA grant money will have primed the pump for us to do what will hopefully be years’ worth of work, and got the gears to catch so we can start generating income in general. I have a good feeling about some of the venues we can take this; not just new england of course.

Afterglow is basically done but for trying to find more money and audience building and doing whatever press interviews come in. Really. All the work does happen over time. So I’m actually very free to focus on Endicott as I am on the start of Afterglow-at-Oberon. I’ve made a good friend now at City Winery in the talent producer (I am going as HIS guest to see Rizo LOL) and I have a good feeling about their small room if you get my drift!.

I will be preparing a press release. We will announce Endicott and this new Glow auspice all in one release is my idea.I think it is news alone that GF is happening at Endicott but I think if we tie it to Oberon/ART and the series too, vaguely, we can get a lot of play.

Likewise in the release i ALREADY sent to Globe, Herald, Jared Bowen, Improper, et al, which was a GLOBAL Thing about Afterglow I mentioned you of course and also Rizo (prematurely) oh well. So you’ve already co-starred in one release this season LOL. Press and Promotion are my FAVORITE Parts!!

So I think the kicker should be something like….what do you think?
Gravitational Fool, A TK TK, By Brian King & What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? Gets Premier Showcase
at Endicott College Arts Center, September 27, 2018, In Debut of New, Moveable GLOW Festival


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