Leo 25° (August 17)


Congratulations. You have sunk to new depths of poor character when I scarcely thought that was possible.

And to think I was actually looking forward to building on the audience I’ve already established for you in Boston. Oh well. People warned me about going back through this door and I didn’t listen.

I am of course cancelling the radio appearance we have pencilled in for you and, when asked what happened, I will answer honestly, to the smattering of journalists I had already reached out to on your behalf.

 Now, please find attached our invoice for the work (or what you called in your correspondence “kill fee”) you had us do on your behalf, which is well documented. You apparently told Michael in your conversation, too, that you were compensating Afterglow for the work already performed. That was clever. Please do not make the mistake of not paying this invoice immediately. We have non-profit lawyers working pro bono and at this point and, on principle, we will pursue this matter to the end.

Of course we shall  see you on October 2 in any case! It will just be us—we will no longer be bringing the Cambridge folks with us to see you—I will explain the reason why.

 Oh, and safe travels.


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