3° Aries
(For last year’s meditation on the Sabian Symbol for this degree:  click here)

Our work with clients basically falls under the heading of humanistic astrology, the astrology of the individual in this lifetime. There is also esoteric astrology which uses the zodiac as a lens to view the soul journey of a person over many lifetimes.. There’s horary astrology and mundane astrology and, I think at last count, 80 different brands of astrology; yes, because the Zodiac is like the Golden mean—it expresses everything and everything can be expressed by it. The individual life, the soul journey, the course of a year, or a day or the breadth of all existence, from creation to destruction of the entire universe. Everything we can know or need to know or will know about everything is encoded in the Zodiacal system, truths that are just now being discovered by science. Though the Zodiac was “divined” at least 3000 years ago by the Sumerians, Babylonians, during the Chaldean period, it has held the encoded knowledge, big things like matter is an illusion, that it is just dense energy, truths that impact magic as much as science. Which brings me/us to our next point:

Underscoring general sun-sign astrology speicific work with individuals, and all schools 80 schools of astrology is our most essential belief about the Zodiac. That beyond being a symbolically rich and ever unfolding mandala for all existence, it is actually a practicable system, like an ancient self-help manual to living a functional life of richest fulfillment. Something we like to call Natural Astrology or Cosmic Astrology or Natural Cosmic Astrology whereby we view each of the twelve signs and houses of the zodiac is a building block, one upon the other, an infinite upward spiral, guiding us to self actualization. Stella likes to say it’s “the original twelve-step program” ™. Which is no joke really because if you look at what the twelve steps are in an AA or Al-anon or any program they correspond almost exactly to the themes of the astrological houses, in turn. The main thrust of this Natural Cosmic Astrology is to attune ourselves to the cycle of nature and the cosmos meaningfully, metaphysically, indeed alchemically. No better way to do it then with the the Start of the new Year at Aries 0°, which we did with the performance of our monthly show, The Zodiac Club, in New York (which we will do monthly) and the exploration of the first sign and first astrological house, all month long here in the sign of Aries. (At the time of writing I’m about two weeks behind in this but I will be playing catch up over the next couple of days.

I will explore this aspect of astrology, daily, all year long, while weaving in personal story where applicable. But the point this year is to unlock the Cosmic Energy and wisdom of each sign , starting with the Spring Equinox, which provides something of a clean slate. We exited the womb-tomb of Pisces with its opposite facing fish, the twelfth and final sign and house of the Zodiac, that of non-material existence, mutable-water, vapor and mists and and foam and primordial soup, primeval slime, gestation, incubation and purest imagination, to be born, once again, into the bloody real, bleating and brutally honest first sign of Aries, the Ram to begin a new journey around the Sun. We are this month celebrating the energy and indeed the people of the sign, as we will for each, turning on the power, flipping the switch of each of the twelve cosmic energies, that resides within each of you.

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