Sagittarius 22° (December 14 and 15)


Well we got to skip ahead two degrees today. I’m not really sure why but it seems it’s been messed up as such for over a month… probably I forgot to skip ahead, as there are 365 days but only 360 degrees so that’s what’s happening. Today is rather do or die on this creative project as I’ll be away from any print capability for awhile so I will have to work steadily for two and a half hours after lunch to get as corrected enough of a draft as needed. Otherwise I may be up late night which isn’t great as I have to leave this house tomorrow by five a.m. Nomatter how much extra time one gives oneself one always finds oneself scrambling at the last and when I say one I mean me of course. All in all though I think I’m doing quite well and if I just stay this current course I should be able to make some real magic in transit the next several days. I am resisting the urge for sure to overpack or over complicate things in any way, shape or form. I am doing a little bit of Bishop’s Wife magic this season, allowing audience to show like the boys in the church choir in the film.

So we headed to Boston on Saturday instead, unplugging the tree and hoping it wouldn’t turn to kindling. Happily I was able to get into the hotel—our suite wasn’t ready but they gave me a room to HQ in so I could run around and get my errands done and then some. It was definitely worth it. I truly hope to have more of this type of movement and freedom increasingly in the new year. I am suffused with hope and gratitude and determined to do the best job I can (with everything) a I set sites on 2019. One of the greatest things about writing this Blague—when I lapse and have to go back in fill in—is that, in some way, I actually get the chance to travel back in time to talk to myself. On this day I would say that everything is going to be great and new and fun in New York; and that all the hard work put into home practice will pay off.

 I went through the team at the theater where I work because I realize (and this is one of my flaws, ongoingly) I failed to put names to faces. I suppose this is a manifestation of my own narcissism, something I mostly avoid as compared with others. One of the changes that will be made this year is my usage of social media


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