Sagittarius 19° (December 13)


Decided to postpone our journey for another twenty hours and psychologically it is already making all the difference. There is a certain affect to an atmosphere of anticipation when you inject even the slightest delay; it’s like a reprieve. Still everything will by rights be divided into units of time. Tomorrow I will write up something for this mini event we are doing in Provincetown for New Year’s—will be really fun to help out at a holiday market and offer some folks some new-you advice for the coming year. And anyway it might be a good promotion for the books. I did manage to find ourselves a little hotel room, compliments of the house; and we will be able to watch the fireworks from Canteen if we so choose; it shouldn’t be too cold. So I’m definitely looking forward to that. And we can go and have dinner at Strangers & Saints and see Raina which will be lovely. A perfect Provincetown day. I can really look forward to that actually. Had some more thoughts.

Aries starts at Equinox. Spring. When there are lambs to wear around your shoulders. It’s all about sheep. Jesus is a Pisces cusp Aries. We put it at March 19th/20th. 19 reduces to 1. Also Providence: The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power. Helios has to show up for others everyday. The Sun King must watch over his Kingdom. Dom, like domicile home. HQ our sphere of influence. Patronage. Leos are the best at setting up their happy fiefdoms. But we all must find where we are the creative source, not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of others who rely on us. Creation of a life if not an industry. But it’s a two way street.. It is the home you make for yourself. It is you restored. Leo people are simply the best at restoration. Like Shakespeare’s Hal vowing, after a debauched youth, to be like the Sun. Exemplary. Fixed fire is about burning brightly and steady, simply being the best you can be; that is not letting your manner slip. Like being Obama or J.K. Rowling.

You know could go on any cosmic metaphysical journey of comparative religion and other mythical, symbolic, metaphorical, and archetypal jaunts, but you chose to journey with us. And so yes welcome to our open sleigh. And Stella mentioned chronological: The Zodiac can be superimposed onto any time frame. The course of a day. Twelve signs Twelve hours. A year obviously as you know. But also a lifetime, your lifetime. But also that of all creation. But it also fits other patterns of time, other stories, other journeys. It matches the roll out of the bible for instance. And separately, it certainly fits the Jesus story specifically. And something Stella said really bears repeating. That people…what if living a life well is the same as achieving enlightenment. And maybe following some belief system, like astrology for instance. And just doing your best.

Where Leo the lion is about personal sovereignty and nobility, the natural monarch of any given jungle. Sagittarius is about power on a grand scale, Jupiter the largest planet is named for the supreme leader of the gods, the omnipotent sky god emperor, Greek Zeus, armed with lightening mutable fire in the sky. He only fears one other. His wife.


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