Sagittarius 19° (December 12)


Some ideas occured to me today. And I have been recording them as best I can. I am making headway although I am not approaching things that way this time really. I am really focusing on allowing all that needs doing to unfold in a relaxed way. I have been sleeping pretty damn well that’s for sure, so the small changes I’m making seem to be coming together. Either that or I am completely deluding myself. As far as structuring the next two days go, creatively especially, I’ve come up with a formula which I think can really work. First I have to deconstruct what I already have on paper and create more short-hand heiroglypics and then I need to make sure that each “plate” of the show has what I’m calling a meringue, the main peak of message and experience that needs to be said in that particular plate. Twelve in all. Not too challenging and then, starting tomorrow, which will be day one of seven I will begin to run the entire business while focusing on quadrants or thirds in terms of really getting stuff in the old body.

Speaking of which, I’m wistful today about some sweet past experiences and the remembering is definitely animating me today. I feel a great deal of creative energy beginning to build up inside of me and my meditation is on allowing that energy to travel unhampered to the various places in myself which might have been energetically stressed or lacking in the past. When I was much younger, in my twenties, I did a lot of visualizing of energy traveling around my bodies, I would “sew” bodily areas. When I think back to that age I feel less energized than I do now; at a certain point in the day, most days, I had to lie down and the feeling of fatigue in my body would often be fairly acute. It was probably just a matter of smoking really tiring weed. Laugh out loud. Anyway, sometimes what you need. My goal is to get snippets of autobiography down on paper with more regularity than what I’ve been doing. And that simply requires outlining “events” in my life and organizing them chronologically.

I really do think that my life, thus far, characterized, as it is and has been, by three letters—DIY—is the reason why this next phase of life when I have to delegate is going to feel very much like a breeze in comparison. And it’s why I’m never going to be an asshole. If anything it’s going to be a struggle for me not to control and micromanage; I’m sure that’s where my natural proclivities will lie after having been so singular, solo and self-sufficient all these many years. It has been crickets but I’m going to remain positive. Optimism takes vigiliance. It’s not hoping for the best but rather being the abundance in the moment, each moment. I have to say it hasn’t always been easy to do that; but it isn’t impossible.

Today was a very good day. Michael Cohen, whom I last saw at Barneys at lunch meeting and greeting ever member of the waitstaff down to the busboy, was sentenced to three years. He’s a fucking criminal; I don’t feel bad for him. Maybe he can score one of thost busboy jobs when he gets out. But additionally, make it so much better is the Enquirer connection. I’ve been waiting for this shit to hit the fan and it sure smells good to me. And yet, because he’s such a crazed lunatic, I refuse to believe that the evildoer is capable of going away quietly. He’s like a psycho who’s taken you hostage. He’s not going anywhere without trying to take out others. What’s he going to do? Go to jail. I don’t think so. And what of Pence—he pardons him? And then who pardons him. His butt boy. Thank you Mika B.

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