Sagittarius 18° (December 11)


I will spend tomorrow with script in hand. I will get a haircut early in the day. Then we have Matt at noon. I think I really like the band Interpol; I wonder how that is looked upon generally by people. Not that I care. I believe I miss our Los Angeles years quite a bit lately and am looking forward to doing business there in the coming year. I really am quite happy to have this creative venture, as I am all my creative ventures. I found an international student i.d. card from 1997 when I was too old really for it; but having it, obtained through a friend’s flexible travel agency, our tickets to fly back and forth from, States UK, States Europe, was basically peanuts if I remember. Or I might have been reading Vidal’s Palimpsest. I don’t think I ncessarily need a gimmick. Though I don’t want to just be some talking head where I speak; that’s one thing I liked about S.’s show—she found a way to deliver messages different ways without getting too hoakey or having to create more work for herself. I should start very simple and just start using what I wrote back then, dating back to first time on the new boat, and bits and bobs might make their way directly in, a preposition which shouldn’t end this sentence or paragraph.

I will start playing outfits tomorrow too I suppose. I suppose that on the twentieth of the month I could put together a nice plea for people who might want to send to a last hour help. I will also circle back round to the would be interested parties to see if we could get Brian’s stuff going. I’ll get Dan’s show moving. And we will have to fix yet another hole in the programming, which doesn’t feel particularly fair or necessary but that’s life. People are truly set on different speeds and I am one of those who are always early or at least exactly on time; I also tend to get a lot of work done in advance of when it needs to. There will be the books to promote too of course. I think I will need to wait until the end of this day before moving on with any thoughts here today. My goal is to keep the writing closer moving forward, so that it can feed into what I’m doing more.

Mainly tomorrow I will sit with all the words of put on paper for next week’s performance and let new thoughts cut in and create for myself some additional scaffolding to hang ideas on so that I can go in any direction I want with the narrative but to make sure to hit home the most salient points. And what about the band Iceage, how do we feel about them? They’re from Denmark.


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