Sagittarius 17° (December 10)


Back on track today and devoting my full attention to creative projects at hand. We had a lovely chat with Patty Poo and a decent rehearsal; the theme of this year’s show seems to be “no brainer”. I feel I want to creatively add a clearer message. And isolate where this breakdown of 1, 2, 3 appears. You could go on any cosmic metaphysical journey of comparative religion and other mythical, symbolic, metaphorical, and archetypal archetypes, but you chose ours. And so yes welcome to our open sleigh. Anyway, this sort of thing seems wise. Little by little things will get accomplished and there will be frustrations along the way, but really, what it comes down to, is staying clear-headed and to continue to absorb everything that has to be uploaded to my often sievelike brain. Anyway I miss getting up early and thus getting a jump on things; but right now I’m better off staying up as late as possible because we will need to be night owling this coming week. For me it’s about destressing. I have a nice ninety minute massage scheduled for Saturday and my whole meditation is to come down of all stresses and, to do that I have to be rather a temple lest I become a tetchy mess. When it comes to the words of this show it’s really up to me so I’ll need to be vigilant vis a vis my own lifestyle this coming week; I can have some fun on Sunday, but even then I don’t want to stay out too late or overdo. I was looking more closely than I ever have at my skin and lordy be I look a lot more dried and crinkled than I used to. Anyway it’s all fine and there are only ever two answers to any of these questions about life and they are yoga and meditation.

All that said there is nothing to bemoan. I’ve been pretty lucky up till now given my treating myself like a cheap date. There is this spectrum, in our vernacular between superpower and shadow side; and one can go for a long time without paying much attention, letting things be rather lax. Then comes the moment when things naturally switch and you have to slide back into home base. I think that’s what’s happening here. A little clearout, letting ones organs shrink back to normal size. Ha! Well in certain cases the opposite may be true. Anyway it’s important to be your best. I think one of the weirdest manifestations of social media is sharing your “journey” with other people; I didn’t care if you were fat to begin with (was I supposed to since you have been fat for the last thirty years some of you?); apparently you were. Because you’re no such an egotistical nightmare being thinner. I definitely liked (all of) you much better when you were fat. And don’t get me started on people in programs sharing their day count, well, daily. Don’t you belong to an anonymous organization. Then by all means keep it to yourself out here in the public domain.

Do you know TEEN? Teeny Lieberson and her three sisters. I’ve always fascinated by bands that are made up of siblings. I would have liked to have nice siblings instead of the one evil sister I do have. Or did. I mean it’s quite a long time now, over twelve years, since I had to endure her presence. And really it’s still so raw, the whole of my upbringing up to that point, that there has been no real joy in relieving it and since a person’s first one-person solo play should be either autobiographical or involve appearing at one point only in a pair of tighty wighties, something from which I feel obliged to spare you, I havent really been able to find a solid way in up until this point. I do need to stick to certain formulas but I also have to find the flow here. I am definitely interested in riding an abundance wave in the New Year. That actually could be my resolution I suppose—sure, why not.


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