Sagittarius 16° (December 9)


Fell asleep ridiculously early and woke up at around 10PM and then couldn’t sleep all night long. I just ended up watching old movies and having a sort of dark night of the soul letting story lines (like Beth’s in Little Women) move in on me and make me wail and purge—much needed. I managed to cook a roasted chicken but otherwise I have been off food since last evening. I’ve been binge-watching season one of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as well. I didn’t see Daniel Goldfarb’s name on it but I did some research and he comes in as producer in season two. We only met this writer once because Charlize Theron and company put us together during our WME years when there was talk of our creating a show. I still think this is a possibility and I might reach out to Dan directly some time in the future. For now we are having to build our own profile here. But it surely is on the list of desired larger projects. Anyway I think the Masel show is charming and the lead actress as well as Alex Bornstein, well really every one is pretty great on it. The writing season one was fine. There were great things about it. I’m not sure how I feel about this Lenny Bruce character but it’s kind of cool. The Jane Lynch character had to be based on something; in fact the whole thing makes me feel like it is; but that story line in partcular was over the top. Maybe something to do with Jane’s performance the second time we see her? I do love her though.

Anyway the larger dreams are what needs come into view now. My brain just needs some serious airing out after this year; and my body could use a nice steaming as well; I look forward to getting back into the hot room. Fairly desperate for it actually. It is simply something that needs be. The direction everything is going is really tantamount to investing in myself and our shared brand—the only way I’ll be able to do the championing of others bit, now, is if it happens super easily. I do need to explore new options for performers for this coming year; although I believe I can put together a fairly decent roster from the characters that are currently floating around. People truly enjoy certain acts and there would be no reason not to have some of them return. At this point many people have become too big; the second generation of folks want fame not festivals; and I’m just now tapping into other artists whom I can champion. All in all I will work my usual magic and then some as I transition out of doing this myself. I think that a decade of doing Afterglow would still be a goal I’d like to achieve; as I move my way into expansion via the new “moveable feast” circuit I’d like to set up in New England via support from some real investors.


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