Aries 23° (April 12)

Okay so it is coming up on collections, which is a term we use dating back to the eighties, working in fashion and having just a finite number of weeks before sending models in clothes down a runway. In this case I have twenty-four models, otherwise known as chapters to put on display for discerning eyes to scrutinize. I will do my best on that score. There are too many shootings happening once again. S. seems to feel it’s a Russian plot to increase gun sales. I don’t know what to say about that myself. A simple life in Maine is appealing to me ever more. None of my keys are sticking. This is a first in a very long time. I wonder why that happens. I don’t want to go on any trips at this time, and I feel a bit betrayed by the one-eighty on that score. Solidarity is becoming increasingly difficult to come by I fear. We will watch this Hemingway documentary and it will be illuminating to say the least. Some more Aries woman thoughts perhaps?: Many a young Aries girl was that self-contained character with free-flowing hair dressed like some rancher’s daughter furtively drawing horses at her desk in the back row of the classroom, barely containing her annoyance should a teacher bother to call on her. And, really, there is some part of the Aries that will forever meet the so-called civilized world (and its occupants) with something of an impatient sigh. And if you took a poll, most would tell you they prefer the company of animals to other humans, save for those who, like her, approach the world (and its inhabitants) with the unapologetic honesty, non-judgment and, yes, loyalty of a beloved pet. Artifice is anathema to her. And so we see her exploring schools of spirituality that involve stripping away the worldly illusions that we heap upon ourselves; and there can often be a austerity associated with her spiritual practices, not as a penance or privation, but as a reality check and as a means to touch base with the purely existential level of the human experience, which really is that of survival, as it is for all of in the animal kingdom who must hunt and fight, and strategize in so doing, so to greet another day. Again, in contrast to Taurus individuals who, like flowers of the field, giggling in the sunlight, essentially neither toil nor do they spin, letting the birds and the bees do much of their work for them, Aries lives like the nomadic Rachel, tending the livestock/livelihood of her existence, but ever on the move, in search of a new wellspring of experience. She is one of the zodiac’s prime movers, and even if in loving relationship, cohabitating with a steady partner for decades, she presents to the world as a solo entity. Freely coming and going, sometimes for long stretches of time, she will have her own sets of friends completely separate from her spouse or longtime companion, others often never knowing which it is, let alone meeting the person. Time with her romantic partner is typically a twosome affair, erring on the side of never mixing and never mingling. As a rule, she doesn’t want to invite interpretations of her relationships from outside interpretation or, certainly not, critique. She is her own person and wants to be seen as such. And was she to make a rare appearance as part of a couple, public displays of affection are generally anathema to her. If anything, she will probably divide and conquer, in true Athenian spirit, part ways with her partner upon entering a party, say, and catching up with him at the end, if not slipping out alone.

I am now in my seventh year of writing this Blague. Year six, I went through the first five years, and excerpted from five Blagues per day, as a way of taking inventory of what came before. If there are any blocks of text following this paragraph that would be from the corresponding day last, the sixth, year.

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