Aquarius 24° (February 13)


We check in after lunch at Beantown, pick up shoes and (they didn’t have La Stoppa); we freshen up and meet G. at the Harvard museum. We have a great chat about Truscott’s show at M.I.T. the week prior, and all the synchronicities thereof. G. is the bomb. She’s so lively and creative. She takes us to see her exhibition and then to dinner at Celeste, a Peruvian restaurant whose proprietors are friends. Cars are easy breezy to take here and there. It’s a wonderful city that way. One really doesn’t need a car. It would make sense to garage one I suppose. But then again. Everything is up in the air right now. What I haven’t mentioned is that N. is going in for a surgery and everyone is shook up about it. I am not stressed in the least as I am utterly convinced there is nothing seriously wrong that the surgery wouldn’t swiftly cure. Sometime when you go looking for answers you get more questions. So we will head there tomorrow after clients.

So it turned out that the guy who put on the show at MIT is the ex-husband of an actress friend of someone we know. Which is funny. This actress came up in conversaton, too, on the subject of publishing. Apparently she has this great represenation and G. thinks we should have it too. Meanwhile today and tomorrow someone else is meeting in NYC on an idea for which he had me write this little pitch yesterday. There is also a thirty page draft of a proposal. Anyway, I will learn tomorrow that the idea wasn’t pitched but instead one I had already said should be on back burner was; which is fine; I’m all for spontaneity. I just think we’ve been around the block longer and have learned to take with a ginormous grain of salt even the slightest show of interest, or, actually even the most effusive on the part of a publisher who can promptly urge the inexperienced author to jump through a series of challenging but unnecessary hoops. And anyway, first things first. I really like this fellow who is interested in perhaps helping but still keeping options open—one has to—in this business until both parties, writer and representation, are in a complete meld. It is best to expect the best in any case and to go from there.

I was on a bit of a run with some thoughts on Scorpio and the dragon protecting the jewels and gems. And it will turn out that more on the theme will unfold in the coming days. I feel as if I am taking stock of indulgences and sliding back into a very healthful routine; also in the face of any new bounty, I always find my most ascetic self. Speaking or which I cannot wait to go through all papers and so forth and to either throw things away, give things away, keep things in archive boxes or make art out of said items. I think it would be fun and funny to have a private art showing open house of sorts. Maybe this is the party I need to have this spring for fundraising. I would like to activate the home cabaret space. I’m going to get up the nerve too to write and say with all our travels we didn’t think to get tickets early is there a number to call for house seats? If you”re up for it would love to see you after for drinks and nibblies? I’m easing my way into it.

I do need to sit in my beautifully chic office which will get a nice red coat of paint this year; and I will begin my vaudeville circuit, and I will book FOOL shows; I will also get new grant for BOTAB going; and I’ll write a beautiful thing about what we’re doing with our Provincetown festival and our collaboration with the American Repertory Theater and our plans to go beyond. And I’ll turn that into something of a presentation; and I will raise money for what I’m doing; and I’ll reach out to Endicott and see if they’d like to collaborate as well with us this year, in terms of our new grantee, or just in general. That will be my general office and my creative work will start up again via the Blagues and the remerchandising of my writing every which way. We had a comprehensive chat about the podcast direction for the brand: We have two non mutually exclusive ideas on that score.

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