Cancer 1° (June 21)

A lot can happen in a twenty four hour period, and though yesterday I was somewhat at my wit’s end with all the swirling of the to-do lists and the lack of follow through and deliverables from people, today I feel very much clearer and more empowered to move forward. Two weeks of intense yoga is going to be my main focus beginning this weeked as everything else is on track to hopefully fall into place. Two nights ago we had kind of a fun one just giving into pasta craving but with lentil pasta! so there was no guilt in that. I made a lovely sauce of fresh tomato, anchovy, oregano and onion with some fresh stock and spices. And we watched the Wigmovie which I partly enjoyed. I’m glad Lady Bunny got a little bit more spotlight than she’s received in the past. I really enjoyed presenting her at Oberon and we had a great crowd for her. Would be nice to do that again sometime. The vibe lately with producing is that everyone seems out to lunch. The artists the producers everyone just seems to be preoccupied (with what I don’t know) where it used to be so easy and effortless to communicate. There is definitely something going on culturally. It doesn’t help that the creamsicle menace in the White House is sort of then not declaring war. This is serious fucking stuff. Somebody needs to give him that old vaudeville hook. Anyway I have no more time nor energy to spend thinking about that fucking loser. We who grew up in and around New York know what an absolute loser he is. I can’t believe people across America are not more hip to this. But things are definitely changing. That was the hidden message of The Greeks show on PBS, something I’m going to want to watch.

Anywig, we launch our collection with Tim today and I have to leave here in about an hour and still have to put some finishing touches on the following notes as I stay on my schedule!!….

Sidebar Bible/Literature Mary Magdelene gnostic gospel loved most indispensable disciple. A vase of holy oil was her totem link to Pandora. Mary sacred harlot. lives on as Wendy, loved most by Peter but resented by his boy band. Also Sally Brown and Eliza Doolittle.

  • mishmash physique, nod to Pandora amalgam. small hands and feet compared to bod
  • looks better naked than clothed. hour-glass. skin tight, not sagging
  • she appears a feat of enineering. amorphous shape. curves defy physics.
  • exaggerated area, thick pubes, dark and lustrous, ruby red juicy yoni and pronounced
  • nipples are large dark insistent and change shape. body sexually responsive in extreme
  • feminine principle strong—needs no man to make her feel like natural woman
  • on natural theme: non synthetic comfortable clothes, earthy shoes, natural oil fragrance
  • pedicure under birkenstocks, her natural hair color managed by the best salon
  • her natural makeup is a slathering of expensive creams (people give her stuff as trade) this theme would carry through in terms of she lets people help her. she uses her victimhood and milks it for all its worth. she doesn’t mind others feeling sorry for her. especially her parents who will always set her up. she never much has to go it alone. it’s very much about favors. she does make parents out of people.
  • surprising big on body art piercings tatoos can be a surprise beneath bulky garments she loves a tunic which is strangely like a habit, a word that means an article of clothing but is also a nod to the 6th house of daily life and behavior
  • her style and grooming habits are about preserving youth rather than looking glam how long will Beyonce work those ripped jeans?
  • style of jewelry chachki. Macreme Mickey Mouse, never too precious/pristine in appearance.
  • she wants to appear down to earth she hopes to attract rugged, outdoorsy boyish men

but ends up also attracted the guy that swoops and sweeps her off her feet.


Side bar HouseThis could be very good to mine for ideas. Make photo copy.

Sex + Sexuality:

  • testament to Angelic Spirit that guys won’t jump her bones. I like Angelic Spirit feel
  • garners respect “for her person”. she is woman incarnate, mother earth made manifest

I think we can do something with this in archetypeal snapshot “can’t escape archetype”

  • she instills wonder and frear in hearts (of men). sensually sacred territory represented the dual (conflicting?) view of female kind—madonna/whore—a bomshell armed forces

thinking of Virgos I know they can be total know it alls and they really do absorb the expertise (repeating things back verbatim) of the mentors, mainly male, they imprint upon. they don’t much think about giving despite their assignation.

  • wanting to just lay her is akin to littering at the grand canyon. not really one of the boys
  • she doesn’t seem to be able to roll with the punches of casual fuck between friends.
  • she is not a superficial-surface character (she is the core) experiencing things deeply
  • feelings had on unfathomable level this is good her vacuous demeanor not withstanding

would be interesting to explore this depth vis a vis her void, vapid, vacuous nature

She is the perfect candidate to tell that she is open to empty

  • For her (and with her) the earth moves. I think of that character of the hypochondriacal waitress in Amelie who, when she finally has sex, it causes something of an earthquake (and her ailments also miraculously disappear) WHAT ADVICE TO GIVE EVELYN? WHAT ADVICE HAVE WE GIVEN Deb Paine, Heather, Jennifer Bell, Carmel Allen
  • The goddess of the harvest can’t just give away the farm. (we need to tell her?)without forming unbreakable emotional attachments. Then why is it they seem to have these marriages —Heather, Karen Kohlhass, where they don’t even seem to have liked the guy?
  • A whole lot of woman. She has loaded expectations. What other women might think casual crush she feels more weightily.
  • targets manchildren (peter pan syndrome) because she sees herself as wee girl?
  • but she doesn’t appear that way to these guys who feel she’s too epic to sexual satisfy and because she forms a sisterly sacred bond with these guys. “Sister Virgo, both sibling and nun. Like barging into a temple defiling it



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