Cancer 0° (June 20)


The real deal is the next nineteen days, during which time I’ll have to make a little magic. I don’t like working under a lot of pressure, but I have shifted and massaged much of this year’s work into place already that I kind of don’t mind do a little marathoning for the next three weeks; and anyway, my time in England (a week before setting sail) needs to be super zen and productive as well. I am thinking I will check out that yoga studio near Pascale’s or even get myself to Bikram while there so I can keep the ball rolling on the fitness end of things. Today is sort of weirdly booked because yesterday included things like Triple A and moving meetings. I once wrote a sort-of treatise for a story called Eight Days and Nights of William Willing and it was all about entering into a type of magical time-space where the (amount of) things one is typically capable of doing is accelerated and made that much more prolific within this sort of realm-of-unfolding. And I truly believe in this possibility I must say. It takes a good deal of magic to get it going but it is terribly doable in the end if one puts the right spin on the spell. Anyway on to the work at hand today:

Polarity sidebar. Embodying quality element she is the hour-glass shaped vessel to be useful and productive also Sign Number  is related to sex and more thatn just etymologically. Hexagram tantric symbol of erotic union. Two triangles intersecting is sacred intercourse. The seal of Solomon (only potentially ironic book of bible). Virgo: Holiness of their horniness.

  • insuates self in guise of being buddy buddy
  • in childhood close in age to brother she looks up to (even if he’s younger)
  • dress-alikes with mom, kids are meant to be carbon copies of parents
  • confuses sibling with love connection which makes her sisterly familiar to guys
  • meanwhile can be blurred with bro and border on incest
  • regardless siserly affection is confused with sextal interest
  • men assume she won’t put out…she can’t seem to give it away. eager beaver
  • she embodies the flipside of virginity: fustration
  • she bides her time until some dark stranger plungers her into depths of exploration
  • age group middle age, not quite reaching prime but nearly over akin to:
  • the time of year of harvest, things coming to full ripenesswhen sacrifices to Demeter
  • a last ditch at motherhood or resign herself to maidenhoodshit or get off the pot we are at the time (metaphorically) when it is time to reap what has been sown
  • projects this spinsterhood vibe often marrying much older men as if last ditch
  • channeling self into service (nuns becoming eternal sisternurses) becoming the cat lady
  • do-gooder, sisterly if not saintly saintly who one feels must be handled with kidgloves

the kid thing might better serve Capricorn.

Age Group  35-42 Old-maidenhood, at crossroads (Mercury god of)facing dilemma to give up maindenhood/independence for the loaded unreliable prospect of partnership. The truth being that many a Virgo doesn’t really want to give up that autonomy that they rather in effect remain the eternal girl, arrested development, don’t want to grow up. Psychologysuffers from emotiona blocks and arrested develoment can be neurotic about family ties and often clings. Easier said than done to be of service as she is overly dependent on siblings and plagued by resentments of their successes. She can be a fair-weather friend appropriating the mannerisms of people she must then do away with you see….*****

  • brand of sibling affection works both ways: men lover her as a sister; think nobody is good enough for her. she inspires overprotection on that score. that she’s too good for them even


  • built, big boned, curvy not to mutable earth, undulating, majestic proportions
  • inviting as a lush landscape of rolling hills, peasanty body demanding rigorous attention
  • vacant smile bursts of rippling laughter, reserved, sparing in conversation
  • (smile) devoid of strong opinions or judgments, doesn’t want to be called upon.
  • sticks to acounts of her own dealings, blow by blow, like a daily soap opera (6th house) she would do well to focus her attentions more widely and universally.
  • quiety beautiful beaming safe in chummy group scanning in one direction stealing furtive glances in other. Generally shy, taking pains to downplay saftig physique
  • can be frumpish, appearing un-easy? not sure about this more like wears the same old thing looking as if in a state of becoming (wet hair, getting dressed in cab)
  • something gawky in her nature (throwback to first to reach puberty). a self assured Virgo will embrace this and embellish with boisterous humor and be larger than life.

Sidebar Archetype and Myth: Demeter?kore, Pandora. Sign corresponds to Harvest time.

  • stooping, rounded shoulders. Oompy but fragile, spine barely supporter her
  • rarely the athetic type, sticking to leisurely sports no competitive edge
    •deliberate in her actions not just slow but cautous avoiding undo clumsieness
  • graceful but not ethereal
  • will let herself be caught crotch watching. hanging on guys words, leaning in all ears
  • she thinks she’s being seductive signaling interest but she comes off as easy to talk to
  • man will feel puffed up (she’s a fluffer, metaphorically) takes self-assured gentleman to pick up her subtle signals and awkward flirting, finding pleasure in old-fashioned demeanor and demure beauty. Beneficent face like a cameo. Round puppy dog eyes prominent cheekbones cherubic face, smooth skin prominent nose beaky weak chin

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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