Aquarius 9° (January 29)


I’ve decided that I miss glamour, or rather my life is missing it; no I think I meant the first thing I said more than the second. I think that’s one of the beauties of our taking this new direction—I do see that as much as we give to it, it will give to us, which is right. Part of my glamour aesthetic might be described as downtown east village, but really that is just part of the equation because I have always been less down and dirty than the glamazons who emerged from the club and drag worlds. I have never had that sort of drama or severity in me to bust out. I never stuck with any one thing, being the Libra that I am.

Anyway I’m going to really forge ahead again on writing these new thoughts on the signs experiences today which are part and parcel of my planning the next series of books. Let’s now move onto the Gemini experience:

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are unique combinations of the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) and the qualities (cardinal, fixed, mutable) respectively. As the third sign, Gemini is thus themutable-air sign. Now if we think about what all that implies, air signs being the domain of the mind and social experience, we might say mutable-air translates to thought itself, a swirl of information, what is in the air or ether and consciousness itself. Gemini people are abuzz. The sign’s planetary ruler Mercury, named for the heady, mercurial, eternally youthful god of communication, orbits, like a moth to a flame, closest to the sign. The planet symbol, with its antennae’d circle “head” on a crossed staff, depicts the winged-capped god himself, but also birds and bees and all kinds of angels and insects and the beguiling fairies. The horned Puck is Oberon’s messenger as Mercury is Zeus.

Quicksilver Mercury speaks to our speed of thought. Gemini’s sign motto is I Think. Mercury (again that small orbit) is all about immediacy, not only in time but also in space. Mercury and Puck can be here or there in an instant. Mercury is the Psychopomp, the only entity who can travel from heaven (Olympus) to hell (the Hades realm) and back again, as the “conductor of souls,” the dual god of the crossroads, coming and going, and the characters one finds there—merchants and theives, magicians, dealers, barkers, buskers, and every assortment of savvy streetwise folk, a way, if only metaphorically speaking, to describe the fast-talking, clever Gemini people, the Zodiac’s true operators. Mercury’s female counterpart is the likewise winged Eris, goddess of discord, whose main myth bring’s us to the Gemini characters of Castor and Pollux, the mortal and divine Twins (Quadruplets, really) of the sign.

Eris was the only goddess not invited to this one glam party on Olympus. She got even by causing a war which began with chucking in an apple on which she scribbled “for the fairest among you”—Hera , Athena and Aphrodite naturally thought it was for them. Jump-cut to the Judgment of Paris (prince of Troy) who over Hera (who offered power) and Athena (wisdom) as bribes for choosing them, he picked Aphrodite who offered him the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, also, along with her sister, Clytemnestra, were the other two quadruplets to the Gemini Twins. Helen was married, Paris abducted her, and the rest is tragedy. Mercury and Eris are master manipulators; their Disney counterparts being Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, amont the modern archetypes of the Gemini people.

But let’s back up. The duality that is expressed by Castor and Pollux is that of mortality and divinity, or immortality. In the bible myth, one is expelled from the garden (the fixed-earth Taurus) by biting into yet another apple which results, in what? Concsiousness! Which is characterized as duality and knowledge of opposities, good and evil and mortality and immortality. In fact, being booted from the garden, one is no longer granted everlasting life, let alone youth.

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