Gemini 17° (June 7)


Not much on the books today, thankfully. I ‘ll just keep the flow going on writing and do some painting and other home improvement stuff. And I’m just going to let the festival shuffle along for a full days, having things pretty much where I need them to be this month en route to pulling major trigger after July 4.

I have this dream of opening a stationers shop. I feel it’d be fun to have a bunch of beautiful things in stock, and to do classy printing and other such things, working with some kind of genius designer of that sort—possibly Emily; now that’s an idea—so that would entail looking for some backing all it’s own. Not sure. But I do like the idea of paper and tangible items. Perhaps doing jewelry and stationery simultaneously. Something modeled on those little black books I used each year during the 90s, they’re all down stairs filled with wide-eyed plans and fear of death. And of course telescopes, objets d’art, and so forth. I will miss not going to Kirstie Alley’s house this year, but Alaska should be pretty fun too.

Weightloss begins at the emotional level.

Among other things, I’m all caught up, pretty much, on my banking and so forth. I was intrigued by the notion of the golden visa in Portugal, but honestly I think I can do better. Not to say having an apartment in Lisbon or Porto wouldn’t be cool, but, truth be told, I could just focus on France for a couple of years, with a few side trips here and there. There is a small apartment available in “our neighborhood” which might do the trick for a bit. I wonder if we mightn’t be able to set ourselves up at Mrs. Ma’s, to be honest. That would make quite a splash I must say.

The thing about [sic.] is I cannot stand to make mistakes or break anything. I feel that all will go wrong if I accidentally smash an old coffee or tea cup; and then it usually does because the power of that weird belief. It’s about how I’m hard on myself. That’s a theme.

Newsletter Stories: The Grant for New England Artists. The New Glow Festival. The new name of the Oberon series and who is in it. This year’s roster. What we are aiming for with grants in terms of residency. The amping of the Sparkler program.

Paris is all I can think about. And to that point I think that I should make it a goal to have it be the one city. And if push came to shove the only place I live. It really is so doable. And we will be rather forceful in our bid for residency because why not. We can totally make this formula work. And indeed I have every intention of making it so.


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