Sagittarius 12° (December 4)

Stayed in bed most of the day. Was in a definite fog. Ate some gummies and tried to let it all go. Wrote some tearful emails but I have to put an end to that leg of the journey now. This has got to be an empowering time for me. It seems my lot in life to be sacrificed from epoch to epoch. I realize it is part of a pattern, this most recent dumping being the most poignant and devastating of my entire existence. There is in some weird way a certain peace in it. Or rather, I feel, a kind of purification by fire. I know I am not the easiest person in the world. I’m complicated and have done some careless things. I can be as verbally cutting as my fierce Apollo archetype, that razor sharp orator and oracular god of light who nonetheless casts a long, dark python shadow. I am bubbling up an idea, which I will need time to put into works. I have to get through this first half of a book before I can start the new project, but intend to start it I do. I will need to make everything crystal clear and avoid any kind of lying. I will also need to say up front that nobody is the villain and nobody is the victim. I can divine a structure. I will likely need to find somebody else to sell it—who knows. My instincts were right to stay solo this weekend and not do much in the way of socializing. I need my feelings to continue to surface as painful as this process is. I need the purification of the fire. I need to start getting to a place where I make a solid plan. I think I did the right thing(s) so far. I just need to keep going.

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