Cancer 22° (July 14)

Ah Bastille Day. I have memories of almost winning a boule tournament one Bastille Day, playing in partnership with chef Alan Harding against dozens of teams from all the top French restaurants in New York. If I remember correctly we came in third or fourth.

I am having terrible writer’s block in attempting to meet some important project deadlines. I think it’s because there are so many different things going on at once; I always think I can stick to set “units of time” but, alas, I never have. Still everything gets done; and I must remember what I told myself yesterday. Meanwhile I am front-loading health and exercise. The day has been starting with low tide so it’s up and out to the beach for the next few days, which really helps keep my head on straight.

This time next week I’ll be setting off to Boston for the weekend and meeting with the Dean of the MFA. I look forward to just being able to focus on all things Glow-y for awhile and to get cracking on the fundraising which is seriously lacking this year. Provincetown has never felt more changed, filled with day trippers while Ryan Murphy and his ilk continue to buy up houses they don’t live in. It’s become such a status symbol for rich gays. But the arts outlook is becoming rather dim in the process.

Ooh, I haven’t in so long a time felt such a spirit of excitement and élan as I am currently experiencing. Even in the mindst of the mountain of work I’m facing, somehow it all seems manageable, due to how much effort I’ve already put in. I’m quite proud of myself and my accomplishments thus far this year, and I can say so here, publically, because it’s only you and me reading this. Ha! And who cares. I had an artist bag out on me, or rather never even have the courtesy and decency to tell me: you know what thank you for your offer but I can’t do it. Just threats and recrimination and then a big silent fuck you. Well, I’m not going to dignify these actions with any kind of retaliation (except for venting here). Still, this morning, I was asking why me? Why do people feel comfortable. They definitely shouldn’t. Anyway, I can only keep my side of the street clean…

Today is my friend Matt’s birthday. I wrote Happy Birthday Matt to him in a text. I went to see if he got it, and when I checked, in the box wherein you would type a text to send, were the words: I am not coming home. Isn’t that kind of spooky. I think it is—it flashes me back to the kind of freaky feelings I’d get, always in summer, reading books like The Amityville Horror or Suffer the Children, which I mainly did, in the summer of 76.

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