Cancer 23° (July 15)


You have to include everything—you can’t be so black and white. You are not good nor are you evil if you indulge in certain behaviors. Whether or not they are good or not for you, they needn’t have resonance beyond the scope of the action itself. It is its own thing. It doesn’t mean anything more about you. It surely isn’t a sign you’re spinning down in any way. Especially when coincidence or synchronicity brings such things to you. You must accept them. They have no moral assignation.

You don’t have parents looking over your shoulder; and you’re not in trouble. And though it is comforting that friends might play that knowing, authoritative part from time to time, you have an off-switch. You understand how to monitor yourself. Like now: You can ritualize your experience, not only including it but empowering it to empower you, instead of rationalizing it, embarrassed by expressions of your true nature. You can do this. It is all a choice. All choices are a choice. Imagine guilt not playing a part.

I will read the Bhagavad Gita (again?) while on this trip and read nothing else. It will mark the beginning of new spiritual sustenance. I have often read great books on boats. This is the essential book and I will not not read it. Alaska should be something of a spiritual journey. It should absolutely not be anything that resembles a debauch, by any stretch of the imagination. I am looking forward to seeing my friend Florian most of all (to be honest).

I have not had the best taste in friends over the years. It really is an area where I am really terrible. I didn’t much enjoy the weekend having all my high school friends to visit, I must be honest. It was way too full on. People are so selfish and narciissistic. I don’t think I am, but maybe people say that about me. Who knows.


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