Pisces 17° (March 7)


Paris, Day Forty Four of Sixty. And Day Sixteen of Bikram. So I have reached the summit of my thirty day challenge. So the trick is to not die or injure myself during the next fifteen days and to make this part of my lifestyle. I didn’t get enough sleep last night so I’m a little wonky. Got up at dawn and cleaned up and made some soup and got some necessary wording drafted and so forth. We have another publisher interested (which isn’t really that interesting to us) and I know it is making us feel like why so much interest in this go round while we didn’t have any to speak of in the last. It’s always the more meh places that are the most high maintenance I feel. And we still will get to the bottom of the Harper fiasco, that is a promise I have made to myself. I wrote this last night in response to an editor asking what we’ve been doing since we last published a book.

Since the publication of our last book, we have focused on our private international clientele. Due to the economic downturn a decade ago and the general purging of horoscope columns from magazines, we decided to focus on  areas of our business where decision making about us was 100% determined by us. We would appear on TV and radio (most notably as recurring guests on Chelsea Handler’s show) and we wrote and performed our own shows at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, at A.R.T. in Cambridge and other places. Stella got a Masters in Psychology, Quinn started a non-profit performance festival. We began publishing our own yearly horoscope guides and otherwise focused on our work, theories and study. We wanted a new book idea to bubble up organically from our work with clients, and thus bridge into personal development. We have seen our private consultancy thrive and are now based in Paris as well as the U.S.. We are also in the process of fully launching a fine jewelry collection (which originated as a capsule creative concept a decade ago). We decided to publish our Haute Astrology ebooks under our own steam while we have seen the sales of our first two books grow in the recent past (as astrology has become more popular in the zeitgeist and a younger generation of writers/astrologers credit Starsky + Cox for having ushered in this new “mysticore” and “now age” movement. We have been credited with inspiring Eleanor Catton, specifically, in writing her Booker Prize winning novel, The Luminaries and there is another work in the pipeline from a major author who will also be crediting us. Recently, Starsky + Cox have been approached to consult a major TV production company in the creation of a new scripted show, their second book Cosmic Coupling being optioned in the process.

Mostly, I’m going to super back off today. I will do my yoga, have a caviar omelet (annoyingly the guys at the produce stand failed to put chives we bought into our bag and I really wanted that flavor in my omelet). We will have a salad in any case. And then we are going to put on sneakers and head out for a long, long walk to the 7eme where we can end up having a little something at the Cafe du Marche, if they are open today that is…..I’m picking up the thread! I found some chives on the way home from yoga. I think the word is ciboulette, so that will be the word of the day. I am not going to give up the momentum of being here on this side of the pond. We came back and had those omelets with a salad and then got ready to head out. The trick is always avoiding some of the larger, more crowded parts of town, like rue du Rivoli and also anywhere around Notre Dame or Saint Michel. So we are going to go east to go west and cross the Ile St. Louis near Pont Louis Phillipe and come out at Maubert and take St. Germain to rue Bonaparte and then rue de L’U. all the way to Palais Bourbon and then get onto St. Dominique. As we enter the old hood I get such a Proustian wave it is incredible. It has of course often happened when I’ve revisited this primal place in Paris for me. I immediately taste Dunhill cigarettes inside my head. Our gorgeous old hotel is no longer itself—it was the Hotel St. Domenico and now it is the Saint Dominque and has no flavor. The same with our once favorite of all restaurants Thoumieux which has been redecorated and has a Michelin star and looks just awful. They had these super seventies rooms in the hotel upstairs—the bar as you entered the restaurant doubled as the place to leave and get your keys, typically from the matronly hostess (who was probably the mother of) or the owner M. Bausselert, forever wearing his leather waistcoat. Anyway the rooms were probably the equivalent of eighty euro and now they are five hundred a night. That is almost what one would pay at the Meurice or something. Ridiculous. Otherwise the quartier has changed very little. We head direct to one of our favorite places, the Café du Marche on the rue Clerc. The food is good but mainly it is just the most weekend-people-watching place you can imagine. Meanwhile, starting on the Boulevard St. Germaine I said to S. that I feel like everyone looks like a Diane Arbus. And once I said it we both kept noticing how this perspective was unfolding, taking hold. It culminated, once we crossed passed Invalides, at a corner café-tabac where there were two big elderly ladies with bright red hair, twins no doubt, dressed in brightly colored multilayered outfits, with hats, they’ve certainly have had since the late seventies or eary eighties. Walking down our old rue, just passed our old hotel and fave Thoumieux, a vintage red sportscar pulled out onto Saint Dominique and it was the same one we spotted, and which I photographed, back home here in the Marais two weekends ago (or was it last week) with the same young driver tearing along. At that moment, my iphone sort of vibrated in my hand for no apparent reason and it was exactly 3:33, which is our familiar and constant magic time and number. Not sure what message we were being sent, exactly, but the number represents the muses who number nine—it is also the triple goddess in triplicate—all of them being female archetypes of the current sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune with its trident.

I suppose I can finish this blow by blow tomorrow…..

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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