Gemini 9° (May 30)


It being Wednesday today is a big client day. It is in many ways the diaspora day as each of our clients today have Central American roots. I felt really empowered speaking with all of them. One of our clients who has been struggling in the attempting of some very big things seems mega balanced. Others are raw and others are ready. All are both. I’m slightly wondering if I’m testing the boundaries of client-counselor privilege. No I’m not! That is a total joke.

I actually like the blurred lines that exist between clients/friends. It doesn’t upset me in the least—au contraire—I’ve always been able to mix business with pleasure. But it’s funny I do feel like swooping in and making things happen in a big way for some of our clients. I know this has been on S.’s mind but we might ask for a good deal more in retainter and really dig into people’s businesses and visit them and go through their day with them and really deconstruct them. Ut oh. This is the TV show.

Been talking with the boys about their visit:Me: Didn’t we used to call weed beige

Tony: Mostly it was Beans  Beanage

Me: Beans yes i do remember that term especially before first period Art lol we sort of just slipped out a back door in the 500 wing and I think we created a lot of cigarette smoke (I did) to mask but you me and ken were baked most first periods

whatshis face hated me. ms. nelson and ms. serra loved me tho

it suddenly dawns on me that this is not my blog but a dialogue box …back to my Blague

 Oh, hi. I do have a family of regret. Want to hear it? I regret not having that ultimate preppy boyhood experience. I regret not being totally relaxed and having a father who was confident in his own skin and connected to his community. I was lucky I moved where I did as a kid, but I feel like I barely did. Like we found some nice suburb where we had good friends and perched ourselves in a newly built house in 1972 right on the highway so that it was easy for Him to travel to work and back. There was no safety to begin with. Not the kind of safety that is purchased through generations of staying put.


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