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Man crush: In love with Machine Dazzle.

Man crush: In love with Machine Dazzle.

I keep trying to add pictures from my voyages to the Blague but they don’t seem to want to play a part in their present format; I will go back and beautify these installments as the fancy strikes. Today being Tuesday post Memorial Day we had a great meeting and really got cooking on weekly minutes. It will take through the weekend probably to execute all we have put in motion but we are doing a-ok. I am currently on a pause from writing next year’s weekly horoscopes while topic number one today was putting this year’s books on sale since we are five months in already. That coupled with an announcement of our summer consultancy should make a nice mailer this week on the Starsky + Cox side of things.

Robert Duffy, Bryan Rafanelli, Marlo Fogelman, Heather Wells, Andrew Joseph are running through my mind. As are which magazine editors to contact, which bridges into Paris Consultancy.

I will never get to balancing my checkbook. Not this week, anyway. We had a lovely donation from the Nelson Trust whom I will have to thank on Monday. I am admittedly spread quite thin but I believe myself to be hitting all marks, as well as being preventative. I’ve let my writing slip a bit again but I’m already catching myself up. There are so many books to read and so much minutiae to dig through. And yet it’s getting to the point where the story is writing itself…and I am the story. It’s a place I’ve been wanting to get to. But I have to be careful not to become over elated.

I am looking back on words and pictures and seeing there was a rather specific time I felt at my happiest. I believe it might have been four years ago, the winter of 2014, when we were in L.A.. I think it was one of S.’s favorite times too. We were on a super health kick that I remember. In some ways I’m still there and in some ways I’ve lost it completely. I’m so tentative when I write here and yet I’m quite aware nobody is ever reading this—can you believe I do this everyday? Well I suppose there are others who do the same. As a matter of fact I know there are.

We have on client this afternoon so my mind is a bit divided, but we are getting our brains around consistent exercise and I’ve been tearing my way through clutter, getting all cylinders ungooked in preparation for some seriously determined and diligent dilletantism—my way of saying that letting myself be spread thin is often a choice whereby I prep each spoke of the wheel of my experience and then pull the mult-trigger all at once knocking several large projects out of the mark en meme temps. I’m so fortunate that I get to have Paris in my life whenever I want it; and someone there to help me navigate the residential aspect of the city. Next year Venice. That is one thing for sure.

When our clients listen to us they do tend to succeed. Does that sound like hubris on my part. Maybe. Oh right I had a dream about Ken Horgan owner of the Pilgrim House in Provincetown and also tennis pro. I’m going to visit upon him for various reasons.

Honestly that feels like enough for today.

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