Gemini 16° (June 4)

  • Barefood contessa. Ribal priestess, regal immunity, pastoral naivete
  • Living doll funloving, unspoilt childlike vision (spreads joy)
  • Create heaven on earth procuring delight life like a sacred right
  • Career that perpetuates carefree sensibility, imparts sene of amusement
  • materialis first order, simple luxuries, wealthy as nature state and birthright
  • often dedicated to need/children; guileless grace, secure sense of self good babysitting
  • Enjoys being a girl eternal nymphet, whole life exploration of the feminine, trial to exhiliration
  • Goal in life to be worthy of having lived it, surrounds self with “quality people”
  • In man wants full package—looks, personality, humor, charm, ex appeal, boyish spirit, bankroll
  • To be cherished by man, in same-sex more celebration of womanhood, crunchy, mutual nurture
  • Shared journey of self discovery love the idea of a “vanity” as piece of furniture

Sidebars: Make more of the angles, signs next to each other are opposites, then we do so-called opposites.  Quincunx, share a spiritual dialogue magic signature Taurus/Sag Io/Hera Aries/Scorpio, the underground Mars.

Gender is in the brain so if you’re a Trans Taurus Woman read Taurus woman. Personally we think the trans people we know should read the sign they transitioned to because that is really them, right?

  • most vivid earth sign fucos on material plane
  • Venus subjectivity, responsiveness, unit, integration along with beauty, grace, charm, Union
  • Their real manifestion, she cares little for the theoretical
  • Dealer in substance, (see, feel taste, etc)
  • To manifest Venusian qualities
  • Looks of things are more important to her than others. The upshot of this ? manifestion of this?
    • Glyph is mirror of Aphrodite All is refelction (her opposite sign goes through the looking glass
  • Susceptible to “mirror, mirror” vanity. Her concern with looks is deceiving more than skin deep. Her love of makeup clothes etc is her channeling spiritual energy specific to her sign
  • Terrestrial goddess incarnate. Original material girl
  • Ritualistic fervor in getting dressed. Like a temple priestess, from Aphrodite to Vesta, from which we get the word vestment or transvestite she is vestite think of JVB getting dressed
  • The Bob Mackie crowd of famous
  • Transvestism has its roots in shaman-priests who wore women’s clothing (as did Dionysus)
  • point of all this garb-age (get it?) All about expression which we thought was wrong word and later I thought of the word show

Voice, giving rise to person idiom…unlike Aries she finds power in the powder puff

  • Owning her Eve-ness second-sex means doors are (literally) opened for her

How is this not feminist when this is the form of respect and treatment that drag queens inspire

Fixed earth=fix herself up, materially “having” all the right stuff. I have. Never a have not

  • She is about acquiring…having attributes…Run With this. Relate to tributes
  • Obsessed with person and what she takes in centripetal has flower petal in it
  • Not just food and drink Venus symbol uterus so also about minding her purity RTW

“Holly Hobby”

  • Metaphysically cultivate herself‑2ndhouse of content, hobbies, what she has “to show” instead of what we say “express” Gardens put on a show. Showing her talents.

Show what she is made of, adding to the coffers of assets.

  • Sometimes too many pots “a dabbler”, as conscious of her belief system as she is of price tags.

We should instead say value system, what she holds to be true is sacred, solid, nearly tangible. That which she can reach out and touch , endowed, sacred

  • Performs temple rituals, demonstrating how well she treats herself (and loved ones)
  • Astrology doesn’t distinguish between material and/or self worth.. Either does she
  • The most unjaded even/especially little things. Tends to be one of the most talented people. Or one to have a number of talents.
  • Ability to savor life and be savored savored vs. saved (might be something)
  • Eden Eve, State of Grace pre-fall. Adonai Adonis (anything to use with Taurus man? Means lord, someone who is landed, we don’t have to mention Adam. Same agrarian Flower god
  • She is maiden earthy nymphs wich embody sacred spaces, fixed-earth, gardens and groves and the temples that were placed there. Garden symbolizes the Female.
  • Nymphs 7-14 nubiles looking forward to womanhood, forever playing dress up, fashion and beauty, something of which she never tires.

Let’s get back to the barefoot part of her title. Like Alice she can be the most unplugged maybe?

And we should also think about CM and what her issues might be and how she should evolve. We say she knows her worth but maybe in Taurus we should think about how she is learning that? What is this sign here to learn?

7-14 burgeoning awareness of her own sexuality. what is metaphor in non-sexual context? Awareness and responsibility that goes along with it. Being able to respond. She struggles with her self work. Io didn’t say no to Zeus. He appeared as a black cloud and how was that not enough of a sign to watch out? Hera jealous rage brink of being caught change to white heifer, gadfly asia seen as Isis or Hathor (let’s do more with Hathor) Taurus in nutshell drawn to powerful men but must beware lest looks like silly cow. Stung a few times gets wise like broad who ran her out of town. The character in Being There is Eve…think about her part.

  • Both Eve and Io attract real and metaphorical snakes in the grass RWT metaphor. Egyptian and Indian (and all world) gods are good direction.

Given the Io myth maybe sometimes a change of scenery, a geographical cure works best for this preeminent Earth sign.

Flipping male and female references

Bulls don’t see that well. TW especially lacks discernment. But this breeds learning quality control. TM collector of admires, she makes herself a priceless treasure. Learns that looks are deceiving. This bit stupid: not everyone is wearing their soul raiment. Pencil edit. Still the point that the visual is very important. What she is emiting. Putting out there. Incarnated as a Taurus to focus on talents. Does she do too much? Even Renee Zellwegger is a triple threat. JVB sing, paint, act, write a book. We do emit sound. When we say something is sound we are saying it is stable. There is the entire Jesus myth to explore (metaphysical musings).

  • feels herself paragon of girlhood. Alice says “you know what we could do” “or”

Fixates so to substantiate that she is the picture. She believes what you see is what you get.

Can’t help but see herself or any associative value through others eyes 2ndhouse of personal value the same as financial value

  • From childhood patterns. Overbearing mother quintessential Hera type.

Goddess of women, marriage and motherhood? Whose gifts are wealth and power supremacy. Learns lesson about truth in advertising. Value is value! Now this can be a good thing. Not one to clash with being synonymous.

Father passive. Taurus aligns with him, blaming mother for unmanning him. And to associate males with passivity which explains her suggestive managerial streak with men. She thus tries to be the opposite of her mother, softer, she tries to be opposite of controlling. Asserts agenda by asking questions like JCM.

In Sextrology we just say looking sweeter than her mother to come home to. We say Father may rub mother’s nose in it. That Taurus daughter is sweeness/beauty. But that sounds creepy we can do better narrative wise. The thing about Bianca Jagger, simple pantsuit, it’s going to be soft and sexy. She mustgo back and reclaim her talents?? Barefoot Contessa suggests a certain negligent chic.

Always dresses the part. Always shows, how she expresses, is through her clothing, hair, makeup. It is part of the show!! She is showing you her quality, her taste which is who she is. Taurus is her taste—synonymous—she is also her appetites, her values, what Taurus is Saying(voice) with her appearance. The statement she is making! Good Stuff!* Especially because we have told Taurus (CM) that this is actually not a superficial thing. This is about empowerment! Dressing for success takes on new meaning for Taurus.

Performativebut doesn’t know it. Or does she. She is trying to be subtle and sometimes not at all. This is not fleshed out. She can exaggerate/overdo cosmetics be the “vestite” her peers may never have seen her real face.

Whole snow white myth

Like snow Taurus has no ill intent. She lives in that Eden dreamstate no right or wrong. Oblivious to what isn’t right for others and unawares if she is doing wrong. Some women (like Mom) think the show she’s putting on is all an act.


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 371-375  I am reading through all my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, but the time I get to my seventh, I will have through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize:

And still: There was nothing worth posting from the five older Blagues I read today. It has been really helpful to get an idea of what the content has been over the last five years. The first year was very much about the Sabian Symbols (see below), the bulk of that material I don’t want to post in this slot. And I’m nearly through that year so, once I get into the Blagues from 2016, there will be a lot more to post here (which is a good thing because I won’t have time to write a lot à la minute as we just got a new book deal and that is where my effort and attention is going!

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