Pisces 15° (March 6)


The other night I dreamt about Karen Siegel. I finally saw her and confronted her and asked her why she never made an effort to keep in touch. I suppose it happens. Though I dare say I would like to find her one day. The same with Sharon Pierce maybe. I don’t even know if she spells it Pearse or Pearce; that’s how unimportant such things were with good friends. Anyway, today is really tough. We had a come to hey-Zeus moment last evening; it really is a result of not holding regular meetings and things getting all second guessy and bottled up. Anyway, after some frustration we will push through today. I’m going to get back to the abandoned Bundy doc—it was creeping me out weeks ago when I started and so I had to stop. New Moon as of this morning so I am ready to move on! I think because I am nearing the end of one big slice of annoying busy work that I am feeling a bit freer already on that score. I’m having fun for the most part, being creative, and if I don’t look to carefully at my schedule I don’t feel too crazy.

I’ve just connected with this character called Nicholas Kahn whom I apparently grew up with, having gone at least through middle and high school together. There was a friend suggestion on the dreaded Facebook and I looked at our mutual connections and it was a hodgepodge of old friends and current connections. Weird. Anyway it turns out that he is this amazing artist that works in collaboration with I’m guessing his partner. I will find out more as time unfolds I think. But the crossover here seems a bit on the endless side. Anyway I asked JCM if he know him and he didn’t but now he is following him which is great. I’m not sure he follows me, even, but I always seem to be beside the point in these equations. I was thinking about New Year’s Eve when so and so invited friends of ours to their house but we who introduced them were conveniently left off the invite list. I’m nost sure why that is a trend but it is rather reoccuring a theme. The way I interpret it is: I’m meant to process this sort of thing in this life and rise above and keep the focus on myself. I’ve always been other orientated so it’s hard. I’m very sensitive by nature and have gotten hurt easily in situations where others might just be like who cares. But I take things in quite deep and it has often taken be a long time to get over hurts. That coupled with the fact that I have never had the best taste in friends—I tend to link up with the narcissistically self-obsessed.

I think this bring me full circle back to the Karen Siegel bit. I have no idea how or why I never heard from her again. It really does weird me out; and it makes me think that perhaps she stayed a friend at the time because she had to on some level. Probably because her brother nearly killed me when he pulled out and we got hit by a school bus which caused me a major injury and amnesia. I don’t really care all that much though I have to say

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