Pisces 16° (March 7)


Was meant to go to dinner tonight at Tim and Billy’s but I am feeling really coldy. And as it turns out they have two cats, so my windpipe would probably close up as it is. I have this problem a lot. It prevents me from visiting folks. And all the best people have cats. I did get a lovely care package of Inidan food however so that was quite the perk. Delicious. Today will be all a pastiche of Thursdayness. I am trying to rewrite history here a bit and get way ahead of myself, disguising my timeline in this Blague for no reason at all other than I need a diversion. I’ve stopped writing to myself and that might have been part of the creative problem these past weeks. I’m suddenly intrigued by the notion of making mead—is that a crazy thing to say. Most probably. A house on the north shore might also be a thing of beauty, though I dare say I would miss the Cape; still it may be no excuse not to keep momentum going. One can always change their minds in a fortnight.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and like it’s opposite facing Fish suggest, it is a sign of complete paradox. It is all and nothingness, the alpha omega, the womb tomb from of primordial existence. The mutable-water sign, symbolized by mists, fog, foam, écume, scum—the twelfth astrological house has been called the dust bin of the Zodiac with a spotlight on recycling, as befits the final turn of the wheel that Pisces portrays. And when George Harrison said Life goes on within you and without you, he weren’tjoking. This misty mstyical, mutable-water sign portrays non-material existence, which we scientfically know is all existence, so-called matter only being dense energy. Ruled by planet Neptune, the cosmic energy of dissolution, we are dissolving, seeing and venturing beyond the seven colored veils of Salome, over Iris’ rainbow archetypes of the previous sign of Aquarius, now, in a magical dream world or in that blissful state of Nirvana, not to say they are mutually exclusive. Neptune and Pisces represent the realm of purest imgaination, and also delusion and hallucination. Lest we forget that magic and imagination share the same etymology as imagery, any and all sort of which is ruled by the twelfth house.

It really is so important to just keep going. Not everything is going to be an epiphany, but sometimes we find them in the showing up, in the simple doing—they don’t always have to strike us you know. I can feel what it is my soul need and I believe myself prepared to deliver, it needn’t be so hard to do so. This is what reparation is all about. And it’s a robust process of letting go. I’d like to learn to astral project. It’s funny how that world now seems that much more available to me; I’m not sure why. But I am happy to explore it in such a way that it becomes the o’er hanging umbrella on the process.

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