Pisces 17° (March 8)


Too distraught for words about the Paul Manafort thing. That’s all I’m going to say because I feel, on top of everything, simply gipped for not reciving a bigger pay off of his unhappiness. The law of compensation will get him in any case. So onto better subjects. I just smelled spring for the first time this year. And yet it really will remain so cold. Tonight we will say fuck it and very last minute I will get some wine, come home, and make some pasta in the process. Yesterday I went to Orleans and got some dinner supplies and I forgot the chocolate, which was a bit stupid of me. Today I need to go to the bank and check to see if my direct-deposits are working; and I will stop by the shop for some Pellegrino and things are already feeling very lucky Irish. It does seem weird that St. Patrick’s Day falls in Lent. Whoever was in charge of that decision wasn’t Irish…or they were.Anyway, we are going to want pasta so I will do something on the healthy side with arugula but, you know, it will still feel decadent enough, even though it is gluten-free, considering how navel gazing we have all now become as a result of our diets.  I think I wanted to be prepared for the weekend when I finally catch up to my big bad self. And I keep getting these waves of gratitude and glimses of myself in faraway places. I’m so fortunate to have such a deal as we do here in such a beautiful place and maybe feeling a little assisted too. We will watch two RuPauls in a row because why not. This time next week supposedly Brian is going to visit us; we shall see.

It is truly amazing to get some good financial news. The power of the purse is not only a them in our current political climate, it also hits rather close to home, I must say. It can all be pretty relaxing if one lets it be that’s for sure. I will synch my phone and laptop later to get all the photos I need from recent short forays. I’m getting my brain around all of it. Would be quite nice to have a little print show but of course it would be product too. I’d like to go see good while we’re in town I wonder about the Ritz apartments in Boston. Would be fantastic to make little projects and to partner with people and, of course, do our readings in the back. Astrolabes and jade rings. I know I will find the truth by letting go. Pisces energy of sacrifice. I came upon a recent notebook I had started writing in. You know how it takes a few moments to know from what era some like this derives? It turns out the first page had the first ever know about our first xmas show which we called Over the Hill and Everywhere, which is written here on the page, it’s remarkable. Another page looks like:

Just starting to trip. Type A Tripped Out Twosome. Seeing trails. Ooh, hoo did you just see that? Still I remain of the [word not clear], In the fast lane breaking. British sor of is. Mari-Mary. The energies existed before thecharacters did. Venicle of time. Time is the car and we are the road. Identical cousin. I lost my virginity in a case of mstaken identity. The end of the year s a great tie to thik about dying. But you know astrology is the point of this show and indeed our lives . Music and lecture. Ubiquity.

I actually had to stop it was too much. I can’t believe everything I say now is here in this notebook from some near twelve years ago, which is crazy. You know it’s quite possible that this idea book goes back even further. But wait one more: I know Jesus loves me but let’s face it i wouldn’t love him nearly as much back if he wasn’t so runway ready. He’s a model.Not an Abercrombie or Hilfiger or Hugo Boss model. He’s a Dries van Noten model with the hair and the beard which, despite his itinerant lifestyle, his parapathetic lifestyle, I know he smells like Herbal Esssence. Anyway, then there is something about Mary Magdelene being so lucky. And then blessedly it ends.

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