Pisces 18° (March 9)


I pulled out of our driveway and the driver in the first car that passed me gave me the finger. I came back and told S. the story and she said someone drove past the house at top speed just after I left. Someone angry out there. I sort of have my suspicions as to who it was; actually, I think its someone who associates my car with this property and are confusing us with its previous inhabitant. I will do fuck all this morning. I reached out to Dave, so I might speak with him later we shall see; funny that he knows Nicholas, that they really grew up together, synagogue families et al. I found Robin on social media and she is still so lovely looking. Anyway I don’t know what to make of most things. I will take a giant nap and then S. and I will make a light cod dinner, after having polished off the pasta leftovers. Extinction bursting with excitement since the new moon. And work-wise I am looking on the bright side—I have drafted the introductions, nearly, of all next year’s books. I will take a quick stop at the Well to see what their menu might be like; I don’t even know if they are open this time of year. Spring happens very slowly at land’s end, I can tell you that.

So I did end up taking a majorly long nap and when S. Came home we just decided to chill out and rewatch an episode of a funny Will and Grace and then I wanted to turn her onto this weird Royal Scandalshow from the early nineties with Richad E. Grant and Susan Lynch—I think that’s her name. It is so odd to think that programs from that date could look so terribly dated. It was like looking through gauze. A lot of the BBC shows from that time have that sort of fuzzy bright-light quality I find. I have this William Blake book, the cover of which I love (and on which I based our own Haute Astrology books), and found all sorts of annottion inside. I always love stumbling upon them; but in this case I’ve had this book on my stand and dipped in but never noticed because all these pencilled sidebars are on the pages where Blake’s actual plates appear; I never bothered, really, to look at those because they are ill-printed inside this paperback; and I was sticking to the type-set versions which are more designed to read than look at. Blake is a Sagittarius of course thus the marriage of heaven and hell. I’m very much open to a love-affair (with life) this springtime. I don’t think I’ve ever, ever loked so forward spring in my lifetime. It’s going to feel most gratifying, mostly, to stay in the moment with all that is currently on the horizon.

I will do only and exaclty what I can do and no more. I certainly can’t feel bad about missing a deadline. But I do think that going after the grants is a smart thing to do. And I will make that part of my gentle roll out. I have to savor this moment. I have to savor this year. I have to read at least ten pages of a book a day and limit the amount of overall sitting I do in any case. We have decided to do a free twenty-four-hour Haute Astrology book give away to celebrate the start of the astrological New Year with the Equinox, which is pretty sxciting. I’ll be in some kind of regular ritual by then, taking the next week or so to figure out a simple formula that will take. It’s something that needs to emerge from the mist rather than be dictated by intention. As I write this I am overwhelemed with the feeling of strolling through the d’Orsay in the morning knowing you’re going to La Laiterie for lunch. There simply is no better feeling than that which living there imparts. I have such a hard time imagining New York again as the mainstay—it just doesn’t feel write. It’s always been France or Maine or both, ultimately.


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