Pisces 19° (March 10)


Just noticed that our book Sextrologywas listed in the 14 best astrology books, picked by other astrologers which is fun. I needed a little something something. I realized that we could be a little more outreaching and start to corner the workshop market which dovetails perfectly with themes in our book. It is cool that we are the best astrology book about sex—the danger being pigeon holed for that. Our book is about the inescablabe archetypes of our signs  on the basis of sex and for the most part along the gender binary while bridging into other areas. Evolution meaning that the signs evolved, that our philosophy has evolved, our theories have evolved and it is quite simply what is next, satisfying simplest reader hunger. And anyway, as I’ve long threatened to do, I’d like to get into the esoteric a bit more; perhaps I could even get my transcripts expunged and find a school that would take me. I know that’s silly, but maybe I can work my way in, for real, to Harvard (not the extension school) if I were to actually get some kind of artsy fartsy position there. That could happen, right? No! I really am just kidding with that idea. Or am I?

I can appreciate the twinkling environment of a home office to start. I need to further my Glow Festival outreach as this year unfolds as well; which would be best to do in Boston in any case. And yet as I type this I’m thinking how busy we would be if we also eventually had some kind of situation, a studio even, on, say, the Upper East side which could be very good indeed for business. I’m not convinced we need it and here’s why: if New York is really only good for consultancy things then we might happily avoid it all together. I know a great many artists who never have to be in a city like New York, London or Los Angeles and that suits them fine. I find it the most confounding thing that I still don’t know where I myself would like to live best. I do feel like Neil Simon’s Prisoner of Second Avenue to some degree any time I’m in New York. I found East Cambridge to be intriguing for sure; but I think we are going to be better off in some full-service buidling that’s on the nose. And I think we focus on establishing that reality and let the others fall into place. It’s all a big crap shoot anyway, and one just has to start somewhere. I just know, for myself, that I tend to be creative very much on the fly. And yet one has to have something solid to come home to somewhere in these United States.

In just a matter of a few days I will have completed four full years of this Blague which really feels a bit surreal and though it has been differetn things at different epochs it has very much been like a best friend all these years. Actually I realize I started writing it after a very hurtful end to a friendship and in many ways I stopped turning to others and finally, more fully than ever before in my life, decided to turn to myself if you will.  I will take the bull by the horns with books and appearances and hopefuly in the creation of content; I would in fact be thrilled to take my little show on the road—all the little shows on the road—and I can’t discount the possibility that, by June, I have my own piece of work to put onto the boards. It is meant to be all in good fun, really. And I don’t believe we should take anything about this life all too seriously in any sense. Still I think it important to let it all happen through you. I’ll never be some kind of academic, no Neil Gaiman me.

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