Pisces 20° (March 11)


The plan there is to offer the book for free for a day. And to start telling people about who we are and what the brand is. I will begin the day with the cosmic climate. And I’m going to focus on events and workshops this year while I outline a new proposal. I have to turn the page and change the headline all at once come late March which gives me a good two weeks—also our event is exactly a fortnight from today. I love the spring awakening. I love that Nina Simone song Another Springat least I think she wrote it. We have just planned two tiny New England trips and a staycation; I’m going to begin to optimize the workshop thing, even now, close at home, perhaps working in a studio setting on mantras and exercises. And I have some lecture and workshop thoughts to put into plan; this can dovetail with outreach to event folk. It entails one big data base.

No sooner had made a plan to work on grants that I realized I not only missed the deadline but that it just seems so deadly a waste of time. However, I will set sites on it for sure for next year. I also need to work on my dates for Afterglow at Oberon. I will fill them in as we flow along here today. Otherwise what will be will be on that score.

Oct 3 Nov 7: Witch Camp Feb 20 Mar 19 Apr 16 May 14. Always plenty to do and plan. I feel that I can do more for artists, to help them perform more regularly throughout New England. It truly is a worthwhile endeavor and I’d like to hone the cred here in this arena; I’m confident I can do jus that in the coming months. I will find theaters, I will book artists, and I will have their talents be known. Starting with these two characters close at hand. I must find a way to proliferate their talent in such a way. I need to put this letter to artists on a list. But I might very well find that I won’t soon need to be so directly involved; we shall see. I think it’s all in the set up.

Wake. Write. SM/bite. Exercise. Notes/Coffee. Write. Lunch. Work. Dinner. Read. It goes something like that. So important to stay in the flow. And so challenging not to let go momentum. But oh, so necessary. I will finish these book drafts and have casting complete by the end of the month. I move, then, immediately into writing: fundraising pleas, rejigging bigger book proposal, reading through the old Blagues and writing anew, and putting together client, event, fundraiser, investor, media and all other data bases. You know, just a little busy work. It will be fun and it should prove challenging. I should like to be away for October and there will likely be an event in Scotland in November. I will fly back for the Witch Camp show. Then I think we should be in New York mid November to mid December. Come back, have Xmas and an entire collection. I will need to devote from April, primarily, to that enterprise. If I were to get a book deal I could begin writing it in 2020. So now you know my plans in cryptoform.


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