Pisces 21° (March 12)


I have a lot a lot swimming around my head today and though I feel all caught up now, I still have major headway to make, which is totes fine. It’s all been fodder festering and formulating. I am this week returning to my upstairs office and will crank up all the necessary machinery. Getting the grindy stuff done first in the day is always the best plan of action. I plan to work no more than four hours on any given day, six on client days; or maybe not even. We shall see how that shapes up as we roll along. I must do needs some grooming up in here—I have seriously let myself go since being in civilization last, what? a month’s time. I’m once again lost in real-estate porn which is really just such a distraction from what needs happening right here close at hand. “Waltz and schmaltz were soon to supplant the mannered minuet,” is a sentence I read today (don’t you love it) in the intro to the Blake book I’m reading. I’m curious about this era for my own writing. Both time and thyme require patience. Meanwhile I receive emails from fake Devon Nuneses.

I am trying my damnest to move the needle along while optimizing my efforts as best as I am able. The best thing I can do at this juncture is to begin marrying some creative writing again to this Blague because with only so many hours in a day it truly is hard to do both. I’m reading about Blake and I’m reading about Hugo and I’m trying to get a feel, myself, once again for the natural world. I will look at my schedule but I think that between March 15 and 25, I should give the new book proposal a once-over. I’m not really sure what the world is going to want from me on this score. But I do want to find some very simple ways of arculateing what will come next from us. And it should be fun.  I have to put my heart into clients today. Whenever I feel spread a bit too thin, I always get more nourishment from focusing on other people’s condition than I do on navel gazing my own. The thing is that we can make a difference in people’s lives. We have helped so many artists move forward, and have generated so much good will for Provincetown via our celebrated work there. The trick is backing off, now, and seeing the big picture. This really is the only true way one has of connecting would-be dots. And I only can give as good as I feel so self care is a constant concern. Sometimes it’s been a struggle I won’t lie about that. But mostly it’s fun to lead a life of temperance and balance, elements of the Libra estate. Hello, me! I will decide tomorrow not to look at clocks all day.


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