Leo 12° (August 4)

I will have dinner tonight at with Brad at Mac’s. Mike P. will be there and he will say something about an apartment in his building which I sorely would love. I will check it out later in the week and yet it will be a slog, even so. I cannot believe what I’m dealing with let alone who. I am getting some housework done and each time I pass through a room I streamline all that much more. Still there is so much actually stuff I don’t know how or where it goes. I feel so awful. I just feel like everything has been the same the whole time and pretty hunk dory for the most part. So much time spent doing this or that endeavor, the endless chats, it all added up to failure for which I take the fall. And there are no witnesses so there you go. I just still can’t believe it’s over just like that. I was so invested in everything we accomplished and were doing and mostly in the love we shared. I guess it wasn’t as mutual lately as I thought. I know it is logical to say that I’m the one who demonstrated uncaring and there is definite truth in that; it’s just that I had so completely compartmentalized everything to the point it all felt perfectly normal. It was the way it has always been and it was largely just virtual. And who is to say it didn’t. feel normal I mean. Of all the many, many people I’ve spoken to in my same boat, 99.9% of them don’t have super sleuths and so they carry on in their bliss having the best of both worlds. It is probably too much to ask and yet so many do and still live in their bond until death do them part. I thought that would be me. It now won’t be. But the amount of loss is extreme. Every time I open a box it is of the Pandora kind filled with letters and photos from a thousand years together. I just have to shut it and take to my bed and bawl. So much for spending the day packing up—I need nerves of steel to do this. Speaking of nerves I need to be sure that I can do the tiny work of carrying trays and glasses if I’m to pull this off. Oh lord, how did I get in this position. And will I have the fortitude to not put myself in danger driving those roads and bridges. This will have to be enough of that for today. I will do some thinking on the Virgo man: TK

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