1° Aries
(Last year’s meditation on the Sabian Symbol for this degree:  http://cosmicblague.com/im-a-homo-sabian-too/)

So Last Evening, for the start of the Astrological New Year on the Vernal Equinox, Stella and I hosted the first Zodiac Club at Sid Gold’s Request Room with the talented Brian King on piano and guest Adam Feldman, an Aries, whom many know as the cabaret and theater critic at Time Out New York. The whole point of convening the Zodiac Club is just to share some thoughts in a seminar format in an informal salon setting with some elements of show and song and we just suggest a little money can get thrown in the donation bowl to benefit the Afterglow Festival in Provincetown. T’wasn’t well attended by any stretch; that said, we had a quality crowd of wonderful people and fellow downtown performers and old friends; and Amber Martin was on the bar and it was super fun before, meeting with the owner Joe McGinty (Losers Lounge) and his wife, and putting on our act, and then hanging out and doing some karaoke live with Drew Blood on Piano. So hopefully it will turn into something fun—if we build it…

As we’ve enter Aries and the natural 1st house of Self, I’m all about resetting intentions and starting anew. The 1st house is also that of the physical self and I need a serious check in on that score. It’s been a murky Pisces month in many regards and that’s good for the dreaming and getting the imagination cooking. Now that we are in Aries I’m definitely focusing back on diet and exercise and keeping my Aries ruled head clear and the body-brain healthy. It’s a great time to start a new meditation practice too if any of you several people reading this are thinking about something along those lines. It’s a good time to keep to yourself and be on a solo tear of well-being. It’s all about embodiment this month, embodying the intentions you set. Your corporal self needs to be strong and rested and it makes me think that, next time around the wheel, in the sign of Pisces, I won’t let that often oblivious sign take me so far off my path as it has. Nothing to regret, just time to move forward in our quests with the steely reserve of Athena and the fighting spirit of Ares/Mars. Singularity!



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