Pisces 26° (March 16)


Paris, Day Fifty Three of Sixty…or Ninety Five. And Day Twenty-Five (minus One) of Bikram. So needless to say I didn’t do Bikram yesterday and I’m hoping to set up for it this morning in the next twenty minutes, meaning I’m going to write now for fifteen. We cannot get through to Airlines to change our flights which is absolutely ridiculous. I do think things will slow down with the airlines but for the time being they will not return texts or messages which is adding to the daily frustration. I’m having weird pains in my hoo hoo area which I’m sure are pulls from Bikram. I have to do two in one day this week which is fine. I spent a lot of time with my mother in my dream last night and awoke to a picture of her plopped on my FB page by a family friend whose mother was very close with mine and who lived in the same town as we did. We used to go to their home every New Year’s Eve and they would make whisky sours for the kids. Why? I don’t know but they did. I am going to make the most of all of this and get all the provisions we need in house on a daily basis for as long as I am able to do so. I am only going to write for another ten minutes. There is so much sadness that is beginning to surface as a result of all of this and I am feeling at a loss but the trick is not to feel personally persecuted. We must be a source of strength for folks. We might even do a few days online of quick and dirty readings but I know that won’t go over well. I have to call my Dr. in Boston and make sure they contact me. I also need to reinstate my My Account. I suppose I could have someone else do it but it doesn’t cost all that much to phone from here even though I don’t have a plan. At least I got online to pay my Verizon bill. Today I will get caught up on all my finances and receipts. This is all a great investment and so much is already coming from the work we are doing. I will also move into plotting the planets for 2021 and smooth out the opening narrative of the Aries chapter. Why not! I put out the following on social media:

Hello from Paris. It is becoming quite the ghost town here, which is a good thing. We need to get it into the heads of younger people, especially, that their congregating is a selfish act and that the entire population isn’t as strong as they are in the face of this crisis. But it is starting to happen and we suspect there will be more rules and regulations and curfews imposed here. Paris is a Virgo and therefore both a germ phobe and highly organized and functional when facing an emergency. Of course there are challenges being in lockdown no matter where we are, but I plan to make lemonade from the situation as best as I/we can. We have to stay connected—how fortunate we are to live in a time when we can be in touch with so many, electronically—and we must encourage one another, especially those of us for whom isolation can trigger depression, fear and deep loneliness. What we cannot afford is the luxury of negative expressions of social experience—the trolling, the gaslighting, the cancel culture or any such crap designed to make others feel bad or less than on any level. Now is a time to be an uplifter of the first order and to show and give Love at every turn. Besides staying healthy and safe and sane, we can use this time to be creative and to ask for help and to take it. I for one am here for anyone who might be having a rough time with all of this. Reach out and message me if you need any emotional support at all. I will be checking my social media accounts constantly and I do have a couple of decades under my belt as a consultant of the cosmic kind. It benefits me as much as it does others to see through to the silver linings which are always there! Be calm, be creative and be in touch!

Anyway it is a start. I do want to be part of the solution. If we pull together we can sail through this mess rather unscathed. Let us call for the return of light and strong sunshine to disinfect this planet of ours. I dare say I think she is trying to tell us something. She needs to rid herself, perhaps of the burdens we have caused her. Then again I don’t know Gaia to be a cruel goddess who would attack the sick and elderly. We have more likely done this to ourselves. How quickly ones experience of a place can change. But this is unprecedented and we are experiencing a new aspect of the human condition than we ever have before. We are truly vulnerable but truly resilient. I want to help myself and others in the process. I want to make sure that they get the support they require and deserve. As I said I got to meet my mother in my dreams and I hope that this continues. I know that she is sending me strength during all of this. I just saw that Pornhub is giving Italians in lockdown free service. That is one of the funniest, most amazing things…wait, things are getting really fucked up again:

We went out to do more food shopping—probably have spent at least $500 over the last several days. And I have enough in house, now, for about twenty-five meals. I was just getting ready, setting up to do my yoga, when S. had a text from Alice whose assistant is French. Macron is planning a speech for eight o’clock tonight; we are sure it’s going to be about stricter measures. But what we didn’t expect was this call from Alice saying that her assistant’s sister is a Nurse in Lille and her friend works for the government and that it is going to be a two month shutdown. And so S. is already changing our Eurostar to tomorrow and we are finding ourselves packing up all our belongings. I have to call Dom and Nan and Dom is going to come and pick up my twenty-five meals worth of groceries in the pantry, fridge and freezer. This is a nightmare. I was all poised and ready to stay and now we are scrambling to get back to London, which is not comping well with this crisis at all. It costs nearly six hundred dollars to rebook our train for tomorrow afternoon. So as I’m packing I feel I’m doing the wrong thing and S. disagrees but I’m not arguing with her. We open wine to pack with and I put all the food into bags as well. Dom comes over and we drink wine and eat cheese and then help him into a car with the six huge bags and we come back upstairs and eat roasted chicken. I have a soup I made for tomorrow. Then we watch Macron and he announces that everyone must stay in their houses for at least two weeks. And he keeps saying we are at war, over and over again. And there will likely be tanks in the streets enforcing the command that everyone must stay in their house except to go food shopping or to the pharmacy or bank or newsstand, but they have to stay in a five hundred meter radius. And everyone we spoke to is saying that Macron’s words “at least two weeks” actually will mean longer. And the travel ban goes into effect noon tomorrow—noon!— so S. gets back online and changes the Eurostar again and they charge us another seventy euros, and we are drinking another bottle of wine, and we have to fall asleep soon and get up early enough to get out of here and make an eleven a.m. train. Argggggggh.


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