Pisces 25° (March 15)


Paris, Day Fifty Two of Sixty…(or Ninety Five). And Day Twenty-Four of Bikram. It’s my mother’s birthday. It’s the Ides of March. We have decisions to make about staying or leaving. I am up too early and I don’t know if there is yoga today. S. hears me stirring and calls to me and she is upset and homesick and we decide to stay awake and figure this out. I know a great part of her wants to pack and go to the airport. I am not of that mind at all. We have some coffee and talk it through and decide that we are probably going to stay in Paris.  Outside the flat we see Jose Antonio coming out of a voting center so we ask if Bikram is shut down and it is. Waaah. Today is meant to be day twenty four. He suggests I do it at home in any case. And I think I will definitely do that. Well, my mom did give a little sign already today and I don’t want to lose the momentum so I will make time before dinner today to do my own session and ring the bell that way. We get to the pharmacy just as it opens and I have a way of getting my medication sent here. I will write my doctor Monday morning I also need a way to cancel a hospital appointment. Maybe I will write a letter. I tried the email route let’s see if that yields. So we then grabbed a shopping bag and set off to buy some fish and chicken and veggies and so forth—the butcher lady speaks to us at length about making sure to get all the provisions we need. People are walking around with tons and tons of toilet paper. It isn’t quite yet the panic we are seeing in pictures coming from the states. And the weather will be warming up here a bit. I just feel that there are ways to avoid this and stay ahead. If I were to get it I would probably already have it from going to Bikram for twenty-three days straight. Then again maybe that’s what’s been keeping the virus at bay. Nan writes to say that only supermarkets are going to be open moving forward. She didn’t mean that. But it sends us back out into the streets. We buy more fish to freeze and go to Picard for some frozen burgers and shrimps and vegetables. I now have a pretty solid list of food in the house that will last us, I’m guessing, about twenty days. I’m going to write out a menu of what is currently here in house.

Sunday 3/15 Lunch: Chestnut Soup. Dinner: Salmon w/capers, mashed potatoes, frisée/radicchio salad.

Monday 3/16 Lunch: Caviar and Chive Omelet. Dinner: Poulet Roti, potatoes, peas + onions

Tuesday 3/17 Lunch: Celeriac Soup. Dinner: Ratatouille w/ rice.

Wednesday 3/18 Lunch: Salad and cheese. Dinner: Chicken and lentils

Thursday 3/19 Lunch: Celeriac Soup. Dinner: Risotto (mushroom? shrimp? pumpkin?)

Friday 3/20 Lunch: Salad. Dinner: Fish and vegetables

Saturday 3/21 Lunch: Caviar and Chive Omelet. Pasta (vongole or red sauce or Carbonara)

Sunday 3/22 Lunch: Soup. Dinner: Chicken

We would still have frozen cod, burgers, veggies and frites which would add up to three or so meals.

Anyway, my focus is on spiritual concerns today. I may address that more tomorrow. Here are some posts I put up in the last little while. They should work here in this context.

I see so many artists going through such pains with the cancellations of their shows and all the collateral damage this sort of thing entails. Remember this next time you back out of a contract last minute for no good reason, especially leaving a non-profit entity in the lurch and holding the bag for all they invested in you (knowing full well nobody has the time or resources to recoup losses from you). If we can learn anything from this experience, we can learn compassion, dignity, follow-through and common courtesy for our fellows in the artistic community who all work hard, in various capcities, to further the efforts of artists who are emerging, exploring and evolving. Feel this moment and let it make you a better, kinder, fairer, humbler and a more upstanding member of our community.

I don’t have any pictures of my mother (or my father for that matter or even of my younger self)—it’s a long story—but a few moons ago my spiritual sister Bonnie Lauton sent me a couple of snaps from the 1960s. My mother was and is a pretty powerful Pisces and I’m invoking her guidance today as we find ourselves abroad at this scary and confusing time. I know if I ask her for a sign she will send one! Happy Birthday in Heaven.

An etymological note on the word Kindness. It’s more than being nice. It’s understanding how we are Kindred, what Likeness we all share, and (the proverbial) Doing Unto Others…I have been shocked these past days by others’ rude and crude and cruel behavior. Those who consciously add to others’ unhappiness, especially in times when focus should be on coming together and compassion, just seem to be the most evil of beings.

Paris When It Sniffles: With all the travel bans in place and what I suspect will be a privitization/monetizing of people’s misery in the form of for-profit quarantine facilities, contracts for which to be given to the usual greedy, sociopathic monsters as are running the concentration camps at the southern border where children are still in cages, we think it best to stay put, here, in a place that prioritizes civic wellfare over profiteering in the face of a pandemic.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.


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